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Thank you to everyone as we complete the first phase of the season tryouts.  Here is some information to help you plan:




THESE WILL CHANGE.  This is the best info we have right now.  We are not in control of our SHSHL league games and do not have that schedule for the varsity or JV teams yet.  This is mostly just practice information through October.  I agree, this is frustrating, but we don't have the games yet.


The Varsity Schedule (DRAFT) - Click Here


The JV Schedule (DRAFT) - Click Here


Click Here to see the USA Hockey Atlantic District Rule for HS/Club Conflicts.


Team Selection


There are almost 50 players that participated (or will participate) in tryouts.  This is the largest number of players we have ever had at HGP.


Some things to consider:


(1)  A large number of players are underclassmen.  We will do everything possible to give as many guys a chance to participate as possible.  It is important to remember that only 18 skaters and 2 goalies can dress for a game.  This is a USA Hockey rule.  


(2)  There are four students that play soccer or golf.  They are not allowed to tryout until their season ends.  


(3)  The final rosters will not be set until the Fall athletes have been able to tryout fairly.


(4)  Every player will be able to meet with Coach Whiteside to discuss his role or team selection.  To begin, players should be the primary communicator in regards to team selections.  After the player has met with Coach Whiteside, should there still be a need, parents may request to speak with the coaches and/or Ryan Abramson.


(5)  The first list of varsity team selection has more players on it than can be on the final roster.  This will not be the final roster.  It will change.  Some players will move down to the JV team.  Some players on the JV team could move up.  The first list is not the final list.  It will change.  


(6)  The first varsity list will be posted tonight, Monday, October 9th, at 8pm.  Anyone not on the varsity list should be at the JV skate on Wednesday afternoon.  It will be posted on the HGP hockey website:  www.holyghostprep.org/icehockey 


(7)  This is year 16 for me and ice hockey.  Let me make one thing abundantly clear:


While conspiracy theories and political wrangling dominate the ice hockey culture - and everyone has their theory on who are the favorite players, what parent has the most influence and why this kid makes it or that kid makes it - we do everything possible to rise above that world.  I control the team selection process.  I have no children, nor favorites, nor political debt to pay.  No one has an inside track.  There are no politics.  The coaches do their best to offer fair evaluations and everyone has their chance to speak and be heard.  At the end, a consensus of fair minded people do their best to build the teams.  I ensure that no other influences are part of the process. I believe the best objective evidence is in the numbers, and our success as a program suggests that the system is fair.


All folks outside of the decision making process are welcome to widely share whatever conspiracy theory they create, but let it be obvious to the rest of the world that they are simply creating a fictional tale of their own creation.  Subscribe at your own risk.


 Parent Meeting


 There will be a parent meeting to start the season.  That date will be provided this week. 




Many people have not sent these in...please do it now.  Email them to me at rabramson@holyghostprep.org


I just need the number.




These are also due now.  I get the confusion here.  These forms are not a USA HOCKEY thing, they are a PIAA thing, and hockey isn't a PIAA sport.  We still use them for ice hockey.  CLICK HERE to get the form. Send them to Jim Stewart in the Athletic Office.






These are also due now.  Use the link below to pay by credit card.  Let me know if you prefer payment by another method.



Ryan Abramson




ALL PLAYERS Fee Payment ($1700): Click Here

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