President's Reception celebrates HGP donors and students
Posted 03/31/2017 11:17AM

President’s Reception celebrates HGP donors and students

Holy Ghost Prep held its annual President’s Reception, a special event which simultaneously honors generous and committed HGP donors as well as some of the school’s talented students, at the Union League Golf Club at Torresdale on March 24.

The annual dinner is a heartwarming event; the students and their families are delighted to meet some of the donors who have literally invested in the school’s success. The donors left the dinner clearly inspired by the young people they met and in knowing that their investment is helping transform lives.

During his remarks, Holy Ghost Prep president Gregory J. Geruson ’79 briefly thanked the donors for the generosity to the school.

“The students in this room, and at HGP as a whole, are on a great trajectory. We are on the pathway to becoming the premier independent Catholic college preparatory school in the area,” said Geruson. “And we are not on this journey alone. It is because of your generosity that this is possible. Whether it is support for scholarships, facilities, sports, or academic program your commitment to the mission and vision of Holy Ghost Prep has a material and sustained impact on our future.  

“In fact, by many accounts, our future has never been brighter! For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Senior Luke Profy, the current recipient of the Downey scholarship, delivered a heartfelt appreciation for the scholarship that has enabled him to continue his family’s legacy of attending Holy Ghost Prep.

“My three-and-a-half years at Holy Ghost have been a blessing to me and my family. My involvement in student government, campus ministry, Ghosts around the World, and many other clubs and activities has helped shape me into the person that I am today,” said Profy. “The friendships and bonds that I have made with classmates and friends will remain a part of who I am forever.  

“Most importantly, my time at Holy Ghost Prep has allowed me to be more than just a student leader and more than just an active member of our school. Holy Ghost has challenged me to be the best version of myself. I have been blessed.”

Profy was one of eight appreciative scholarship recipients who attended the dinner—the others being freshman Charles Mshomba (Spiritan scholarship), junior Mark Jonathan Pabalon (Class of 1979 scholarship), sophomore Stephen Joyce (Class of 1979 scholarship), freshman Shane Love (Maguire Foundation scholarship), freshman Krishna Mysore (Spiritan scholarship), junior Sean O’Hara (Spiritan scholarship) and sophomore Avery Clark (Spiritan scholarship).

In addition, the evening’s music was provided by HGP students Charles Lawall (vocals), Patrick Byrnes (vocals), Jeffrey DiFrancesco (vocals and piano), David Connuck (vocals and piano), Willdragon Wang (piano), Justin Letizia (piano), and Mark Jonathan Pabalon (piano).

At the end of his remarks, Profy thanked benefactors for their life-changing scholarship gifts to today’s HGP students and urged his classmates to strive to become supporters themselves one day.

“Your generosity and spirit of giving has helped make all of this possible for me and many others at our school,” Profy said. “You have also taught me and my classmates that someday, it will be our turn to take on the role of generous supporters of the mission of Holy Ghost Prep. I hope that we can do that as well and as graciously as you all have.”

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