HGP's mission trip to West Virginia is a rousing success
Posted 05/12/2017 06:41AM

HGP’s mission trip to West Virginia is a rousing success

Holy Ghost Prep sponsored its 24th annual mission trip to West Virginia on April 11-15.  Sixteen juniors and seniors were joined by two teachers—John Fitzpatrick and Bob Vierlinck— and two dads (Mr. Klein and Mr. Kelleher) on the excursion to Hampden, West Virginia.

The HGP contingent split into two groups to tackle two large projects.  The one group was charged with building a front porch and ramp and a new back porch for a married couple who both have special needs. Previously, they had no exit from the front of their home. The second group was tasked with building a deck and 28-foot ramp for a family caring for their elderly mother with congestive heart failure.  The deck and ramp were needed to get her safely in and out of the house and into a waiting ambulance, if necessary.

Three glorious days of sunshine and warm temperatures helped the HGP team accomplish their tasks before departing for home.  Aside from learning a bit about missionary life (missing comforts of home, adapting to a new place, etc.), the students also were able to gain insights into some key Spiritan principles, namely a willingness to go places where the church has difficulty finding workers, the importance of developing a global vision, and the baptismal call to provide generous service to the poor.

The 16 HGP students who experienced the 2017 West Virginia mission trip were: Teddy Barbe, Joe Carrado, Nick Chimbos, Dale Glova, Bryan Kelleher, Nick Klein, Alex Kuhn, John Martin, Patrick Oniate,  Dan Pawluczyk, Andrew Phillips, Domenic Principato, Dave Robbins, Tom Seffrin, Sean Terry, and Tom Wolfe.