Holy Ghost Prep graduates its Class of 2017
Posted 06/06/2017 09:17AM

Holy Ghost Prep graduates its Class of 2017

Holy Ghost Preparatory School graduated 115 seniors at its commencement exercises on Saturday, June 3 on the campus lawn behind Cornwells Hall.

During the ceremony, students were recognized for their accomplishments and were reminded that they will always be brothers not only with members of the Class of 2017 but with all other Holy Ghost Prep graduates.

 “Today, you will become members of the unique branch of the Holy Ghost Prep family tree called alumni,” said Holy Ghost Prep President Gregory J. Geruson ’79. “We are a brotherhood that is blessed and united by our mission, by our common experience of the seven Core Components of a Spiritan School, and by the Holy Spirit.”

Besides Geruson, the other featured graduation speakers were valedictorian Luke Profy and Ed Walsh, a 1995 HGP graduate who has been a successful communications adviser to senior leaders in business and government for nearly 20 years.

Profy cited the orientation candle the group had received just prior to their freshman year as “the first uniform bond we shared as a brotherhood” and then wove the theme of light throughout his speech.

“Our flames will burn as we walk down the path one last time together, as we drive away, as we board trains and planes to travel the country and the world next year as we head off to college,” said Profy. “It only takes a spark to ignite a fire. We must be that spark for others and set the world ablaze.”

In a perfectly constructed commencement address, Walsh told the graduates how HGP had prepared him to work on the White House speechwriting staff for former President George W. Bush at the age of 25 and advised them that their HGP education would serve them well too.

“The years ahead are going to be exciting for you. And you’re ready for them,” Walsh told the graduating seniors. “Exactly where you’re going may seem unclear right now. But as you find subjects that motivate you in the classroom, and you gain experiences and meet new people outside the classroom, you’ll start to figure it out. Twenty-two years removed from my graduation, I know I don’t have it all figured out. But I’ve had a lot of great experiences along the way. And I owe it to the Holy Ghost education that we all share.”

Salutatorian Justin Letizia delivered his address the evening before at the beautiful Baccalaureate Mass. In his salutatorian speech, Letizia reflected on the shared milestones that the Class of 2017 had accomplished at Holy Ghost Prep before examining what lies within HGP’s latest graduating class.

During the graduation ceremony, special prizes and awards were presented to the following graduating seniors:

The School Spirit Award: Peyton E. Birch

The Holy Ghost Fathers’ and Brothers’ Award for Christian Living: Carlo G. Duffy

The Sedes Sapientiae Award for Scholarship, Leadership and Achievement: Luke Thomas Profy

National Honor Society Service Medal: Luke Thomas Profy

Medal, Overall Excellence in Mathematics: Carlo G. Duffy

Diane Garforth Medal, Overall Excellence in English: Nolan J. Raghu

Medal, Overall Excellence in Writing: Justin Thomas Letizia

Medal, Overall Excellence in Religion: Carlo G. Duffy

Medal, Overall Excellence in Science: Mark Vigliotti

Medal, Overall Excellence in Social Studies: James Michael Nycz

Medal, Overall Excellence in Art: Luke Thomas Wade

Medal, Overall Excellence in Music: Luigi Alfonso Galzerano IV

Medal, Overall Excellence in the Performing Arts: Charles Lucas Lawall

Medal, Overall Excellence in Computer Science: Hengrui Ricky Wang

Medal, Overall Excellence in Latin: James Michael Nycz

Medal, Overall Excellence in Spanish: Joseph M. Visconto, Jr.

Medal, Overall Excellence in French: Thomas P. Horgan

Paul J. Pomeroy, Jr. Student Marshal Medal (Highest cumulative GPA): Luke Thomas Profy

Silver Cups of Recognition (Highest academic achievers in senior class)

Carlos A. Abarca

George Theodore Barbe

Carlo G. Duffy

Adam Gasiewski

Conor J. Gibbons

Thomas P. Horgan

Justin Thomas Letizia

Dominic Michael Macaluso

Nate Nicastro

James Michael Nycz

Luke Thomas Profy

Nolan J. Raghu

Patrick A. Taylor

Mark Vigliotti

Gurupreeth Vijay

Trevor J. Zuech


The Holy Ghost Prep students receiving diplomas were:

Carlos A. Abarca

William Joseph Abbamont

Andrew M. Adair

Ryan Attryde (posthumous)

Nicholas M. Aregnano

Zachary James Babst

George Theodore Barbe

Aidan Patrick Bauer

Jonathan D. Beck

Peyton E. Birch

James Brook

Joseph Charles Calvin

Dylan G. Carey

Kyle Cartin

Nicholas P. Chimbos

Hugh Patrick Collins

David W. Connuck

Piotr John Cymbalski

Alexander C. Dale

Triet M. Dao

Evan Davis

Ryan Timothy Deegan

Dante Joseph Antonio DeSanctis

Daniel Louis DiFranco

Kevin Michael Dineen

Sean M. Dixon

Carlo G. Duffy

Alec K. Duris

Thomas A. Eckert

Alexander J. Fallon

Mark E. Featherstone

Erik J. Fenstermaker

Nicholas Flacco

Liam P. Flood

Ryan Christopher French

Dylan J. Fritz

Andrew M. Galasso

Luigi Alfonzo Galzerano IV

Adam Gasiewski

Zachary Geiser

Matthew T. Gemerek

Joseph T. Giannos

Conor J. Gibbons

Stephen Raymond Hackman

Thomas P. Horgan

Paul Leonard Horgan, Jr.

John Hughes

Samuel Charles Huslin

Bryan Kelleher

Michael John Kennedy, Jr.

John William Kiczek

Jacob C. King

Nicholas F. Klein

Alexander F. Kuhn

John Charles LaRosa

Charles Lucas Lawall

Sean Patrick Lawall

Luke Christopher Ledes

Callahan Aidan Lennon

Kyle Gregory Leon

Justin Thomas Letizia

Eric Christopher Lorenzo

Dominic Michael Macaluso

Jonathan Mann

Matthew H. Marchand

Walter Ronald Marcinhowski

John P. McCrane

Luke T. McDonald

Michael Dennis McFadden

Conlan J. McHugh

Robert J. McLoughlin

K. Garrison Moore

George N. Mundy

Owen P. Murphy

Nate Nicastro

James Michael Nycz

Robert Ovecka III

Cooper O. Pandorf

Daniel Robert Pawluczyk

Konstandinos A. Petsos

Nicholas Posivak

Timothy Michael Price, Jr.

Domenic Principato

Luke Thomas Profy

Nolan J. Raghu

Sean R. Reading

Daniel I. Reifsnyder

David John Robbins

Michael R. Roche

Conor William Sablich

Harry F. Scuron

Thomas James Seffrin

John Joseph Skalski III

Jack Robert Smiley

Andrew T. Smith

Edward Francis Stokes, Jr.

Chupeng Sui

Noah M. Tapp

Patrick A. Taylor

Sean Michael Terry

Thomas Elvis Theuer

Mark Vigliotti

Gurupreeth Vijay

Joseph M. Visconto, Jr.

Donald Edward Vittorelli

Luke Thomas Wade

Hengrui Ricky Wang

Christopher West

Albert E. Wilson IV

John J. Wisniewski

Yihang Xiao

Matthew J. Young

Jake A. Zelinsky

Xincheng Zhou

Cameron Christopher Zubey

Trevor J. Zuech