Holy Ghost Prep celebrates its annual Mass of the Holy Spirit
Posted 09/15/2017 11:58AM

Holy Ghost Prep celebrates its annual Mass of the Holy Spirit

On a sun-soaked Sep. 10th morning, the Holy Ghost Prep community officially kicked off the 2017-18 academic year with an outdoor Mass of the Holy Spirit in the school’s courtyard.

The Mass was attended by a crowd of over 500 Holy Ghost students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni and friends. The Mass seeks the continued guidance of the Holy Spirit for the school and its mission.

The Very Rev. Jeffrey T. Duiame, C.S.SP ’76, provincial superior for the U.S. Congregation of the Holy Spirit, concelebrated the Mass—along with Rev. Phillip Agber, C.S.SP., Rev. Christopher McDermott, C.S.SP., and Rev. Silvio D’Ostilio, C.S.SP.

“As we begin a new (school) year, we start as a blank slate,” said Fr. Duaime during his homily. “Under the guidance of the Spirit, we prepare ourselves to be formed and transformed. If we are not different this time next year from who we are today, shame on us! We have not taken advantage of the great opportunity that has been given us. 

“Whether we are freshmen just beginning our high school experience, a dedicated parent willing to make the sacrifice to enable your son to have this great opportunity, a teacher with years of experience in academia, or a seasoned administrator working hard to enflesh the mission of Holy Ghost Prep, we have much to look forward to. There is so much to learn and still a great amount of work to do in terms of discovering the true magnificence and unbelievable complexity of God’s great masterpiece.”

Near the conclusion of the Mass, a service that was filled with hymns beautifully sung by Holy Ghost Prep students, President Gregory J. Geruson ’79 delivered his annual state-of-the-school address. In his speech (which he cleverly structured in the form of a 10-minute meeting), Geruson outlined the considerable progress that the school has made during the past 12 months against the stated goals in the school’s Vision 2020 strategic plan. And then as Geruson often does in school-related meetings, he assigned the audience four concrete next steps that they could undertake to help HGP become the area’s premier Catholic college preparatory school in the area:

1. Get a lawn sign. “We want to achieve our Vision 2020 enrollment goals. We no longer want to be known as the area’s best-kept secret,” said Geruson. “And you can pick up your sign from (Holy Ghost Prep director of admissions) Mr. (Ryan) Abramson after Mass today! In fact, let’s make so many requests for lawn signs that Mr. Abramson has to place additional orders!”

2. Be a shameless promoter of HGP. “Spread the word—talk to friends, neighbors, family members, colleagues at work, parents on the sidelines—and tell them what makes Holy Ghost Prep unique, why you chose Holy Ghost, let them even talk with your son about HGP,” said Geruson.

3. Incorporate being Spiritan in your life. “Seek God in the everyday,” said Geruson. “Encourage your son to pursue an immersion experience and go to St. Francis Inn or even Tanzania; become engaged in a service effort with your son.”

4. Share your treasure. “I ask you to make a commitment, a pledge to make our vision a reality,” said Geruson. “Because of those who came before you, you have benefitted from their generosity.  I ask you to join me and be a leader by giving to our future.”

Following the conclusion of Mass, the HGP community gathered for an outdoor lunch and toured the school’s brand-new Brennan Innovation Center (which had been blessed by Father Duaime earlier that morning).