Hall of Fame


The following competitors have excelled in Holy Ghost Prep Forensics on the state and national levels. Other Notable Team Accomplishments include:

-37 Consecutive Philadelphia City Speech Championships
-18 Pennsylvania State Championships 
-Hundreds of individual and team championships
-Over 100 individual Pennsylvania State Champions
-17 individual National Champions
-National Coaches Hall of Fame: Head Coach Tony Figliola
-State Coaches Hall of Fame: Head Coach Tony Figliola, Assistant Coach John Buettler '64, Assistant Coach Jerry Colapinto

State Champions

1972: Dave Zwolak- Persuasive

1973: Tom Strauman- Prose

1974: John Rodden- Persuasive, Ed Rodden- Extemp

1975: Dave Sowerbutts- Informative, Dan Polsenberg- Poetry

1976: Kevin McPhillips- Dramatic

1977: Tom Rodden- Extemp

1978: Ken Salvaggi- Persuasive, Greg Burton- Extemp

1981: Greg Burton- Extemp

1982: George Graffy- Prose

1983: Pasquale Rocco- Extemp, Sean Gannon- Humorous

1984: Chris Dlutowski- Persuasive

1985: Brian Caniff- Poetry

1986: Kevin Collins- Poetry, Richard Johnson- Persuasive, Brian Regli- Extemp

1988: Peter Naccarato- Persuasive, Christopher White- Poetry

1989: Rob Kim- Dramatic, Mike Malloy- Poetry

1990: Christopher White- Persuasive, Mike Malloy- Prose, Matthew Grzcskowiak- Informative

1991: Jeffrey Buettler- Dramatic, Patrick Petrelli- Extemp, Kevin Ralston- Humorous

1992: John Gibbons- Humorous, Bruce Marro- Dramatic

1993: Patrick Dougherty- Persuasive, Mark Buettler- Humorous

1994: Ed Walsh- Extemp Commentary, Tom McCabe- Humorous

1995: Daniel Alesandro- Persuasive, Mark Buettler- Humorous, Rob Holmes- Extemp Commentary, D. Scott Richards- Impromptu, Charles White- Lincoln/Douglas Debate

1996: Mike Zecca- Prose, Matt Pileggi- Poetry, Chuck White- Lincoln/Douglas Debate, James Frawley- Persuasive

1997: Mike Zimmer- Impromptu, James Frawley- Radio Announcing, Mike Bradbury- Humorous

1998: Mike Bradbury- Dramatic, Drew Sciolla- Informative, Stephen Buettler- Persuasive, Aaron Falcone- Poetry, Richard Skirpan- Radio Announcing

1999: John Fazzie- Duo, Aaron Falcone- Duo, Steve Buettler- Persuasive, Dave Dundas- Poetry, Ken Latzko- Prose

2000: Mike Bradbury- Humorous, Tom McSorley- Informative, Brian Kozlowski- Duo, Rand Geiger- Duo

2001: Mike Jelen- Dramatic, Tony Fuscillaro- Duo, Pat Hoelzle- Duo

2002: JP Hartanowicz- Poetry, Bryan Reinholt- Impromptu, Ed Sheppard-Extemporaneous, Thomas McSorley-Persuasive

2003: Pat McGhee/Michael Warner- Duo, Nick Fox- Poetry Mike Ivcic- Dramatic Bryan Reinholt- Impromptu

2004: Bronne Bruzgo/Ryan Martin-Duo

2005: Mike Frawley- Drama, Nick Fox- Humor, Steve Yost- Prose, Bryan Hoffman- LD Debate

2006: Christopher Rivelli- Congress

2007: Eric Leist & Kevin Frawley- Duo, Dominic Pody- Congress

2008: Anthony Francomacaro- Drama, Mike Dahlgren- Poetry, Joe Geoghan- Humor, Tom Bryson- Oratory, Dom Pody- Congress

2009: Conor Wigginton- Prose, Alphonce Mshomba- Oratory, Joseph Geoghan- Poetry

2010: Michael Dahlgren - Dramatic Interpretation, Joe Geoghan/Dan Marcel - Duo Interpretation, Alphonce Mshomba - Persuasive, Michael Dobuski - Prose, Andrew Bryk - Student Congress

2011: Sean Jordan - Humorous Interpretation, David Reilly - Poetry

2012: Sean Jordan &  Mike Dobuski - Duo

2013: Sean Jordan & Mike Dobuski- Duo, Robert McDonough- Extemporeaneous Speaking, Romsin McQuade- Dramatic Interpretation, Conner DeFellipis- Radio Announcing

2014: Julian Lutz- Radio Announcing, Antonio Gil- Prose

2015: John Henry- Persuasive, Nicholas Guiliano- Extemp Commentary, Antonio Gil- Dramatic Interpretation

2016: Nick Guiliano- Extemporaneous Speaking, Massimo Cifelli- Prose, Joe Zampirri- Poetry

2017: Luke Muller and Colin Landers - Duo Interpretation

National Champions

1974: John Rodden - 4th NCFL Nats in Original Oratory

1975: Daniel Polsenberg - 1st NCFL Nats - Congress

1976: Kevin McPhillips - 1st NCFl Nats - DP, Gregory Nowak - 1st NCFL Nats - Extemp

1982: Edward McKeogh - Oral Interp 2nd

1983: Michael Krause - Declamation 2nd, Pasquale Rocco- Extemp 2nd

1984: Richard Johnson- Declamation 1st, David Roach- Declamation 3rd, Tony Naccarato- 2ND nfl Nats in Oral Interp, Ed Gall- Congress Supersession NFL Nats

1985: Brian Canniff- Oral Interp NCFL Nats 1st, Richard Johnson- Oratory NCFL Nats 1st, Brian Regli- Extemp NCFL Nats 2nd, Francis Rocco- NFL Nats Prose 1st

1986: Kevin Collins- NFL Nats Poetry 2nd, Rich Johnson-NFL Nats Oratory 4th

1988: Aaron Rosenberg- NCFL Nats Declamation 5th

1989: Aaron Rosenberg & Sam King- NCFL Nats Duo 1st, Karl Holman- NFL Nats Prose 4th, Joseph Hannon-NFL Nats Prose 5th

1990: Karl Holman and Joseph Riggione- NCFL Nats Duo 1st, Christopher White- NCFL and NFL Nats Oratory 2nd Robert Kim- NCFL Dramatic 2nd, Robert Kim- nfl nats 2nd in Prose, Jeffrey Buettler- Oral Interp 2nd

1991: Bruce Marro- Duo 1st, Douglas Danese- Duo 1st, John Gibbons- Duo 4th, Keving Ralston- Duo 4th, Kurt Sonnenberg- Oral Interp 2nd, Matthew Costello- NCFL Nats Oratory 6th, Matthew Costello- nfl nats 4th in OO, Anthony DiRienzo- Oratory 5th, William Hartigan- Declamation 4th, Jeffrey Buettler- Dramatic 2nd

1992: Kevin Rolston- Duo 1st, John Gibbons- Duo 1st

1993: Ryan Abramson- Oral Interp 1st, Steven Carickchoff- Duo 3rd, Tony Naccarato- Duo 3rd

1995: Jim Frawley- Declamation 1st, Mike Zecca- Oratory 4th, Rob Holmes- Extemp 1st - F. Ext. 2nd, Mark Buettler- Dramatic 2nd, John Branigan- Duo 1st, Michael Culnan- Duo 1st, Joe Jones- Oratory 4th, Tony Naccarato- Humorous 5th

1996: Ryan Becker- Declamation 6th, Joe Jones- Oratory 3rd - F. Ext. 3rd, Mike Zecca- O.I. 1st - Prose 2nd, James Frawley- Duo 3rd, Josh Anderson- Duo 3rd

1997: John Fazzie- Oral Interp 1st, Ryan Becker- Oral Interp 2nd

1998: John Fazzie- Duo 1st, Chris Wilgos- Duo 1st, Steve Buettler- Oratory 4th, Ron Adams- Declamation 5th

1999: Mike Bradbury- Duo 2nd, Drew Sciolla- Duo 2nd, Tom McSorley- Declamation 4th, Steve Buettler- Oratory 2nd, Vince Lampone- Oratory 4nd

2001: Nick Jajko-Oral Interp 1st, Mike Jelen-Declamation 3rd

2002: JP Hatanpwicz - OI 1st, Thomas McSorley - Oratory 3rd

2003: Bryan Reinholt-3rd in Extemp

2004: Michael Murray-2nd in Declamation

2005: Michael Frawley-3rd I DI at NFL Nats, Nick Fox-2nd in DP at NCFL Nats, Bronne Bruzgo and Ryan Martin-3rd in Duo at NCFL Nats

2006: Eric Leist-1st in OI at NCFL Nats, Steve Yost-5th in DP at NCFL Nats, Bronne Bruzgo and Ryan Martin-2nd in Duo at NFL Nats, Anthony Francomacaro-5th in OO at NFL Nats, Eric Leist & Kevin Frawley-8th at NFL Nats in Duo

2007: Anthony Francomacaro--1st in OO at NFL Nats, Anthony Francomacaro-1st in OO at NCFL Nats

2008: Mike Dahlgren and Kevin Frawley-5th in Duo at NCFL Nats, Mike Dahlgren and Kevin Frawley-3rd in Duo at NFL Nats, Dom Pody-3rd in Congress

2009: Alphonse Mshomba - 3rd in OO at NFL Nats, Alphonse Mshomba - 2nd in OO at NCFL Nats, Mike Dahlgren - 4th in DI at NFL Nats, Christian Bernlohr - 4th in Dec at NCFL's

2010: Michael Dahlgren - 3rd in DI at NFL Nats, Joseph Geoghan and Daniel Marcel - 2nd Duo at NFL Nats, Alphonce Mshomba - 4th in Oratory at NFL Nats, Michael Dobuski - 4th in Declamation at CFL Nats, Anthony Hopkins - 4th in Dramatic Performance at CFL Nats, Daniel Marcel/Joseph Geoghan - 1st in Duo at CFL Nats, Joseph Gallagher - 1st in Oral Interpretation at CFL Nats, Alphonce Mshomba - 2nd in Original Oratory at CFL Nats

2012: Sean Jordan & Mike Dobuski- 4th in Duo at CFL Nats, Robert McDonough 5th in Extemp at CFL Nats 

2013: Sean Jordan & Mike Dobuski- 1st in Duo at NFL Nats, Antonio Gil- 6th in OI at CFL Nats, Robert McDonough 4th in Extemp at CFL Nats

2015: Antonio Gil - 6th in Prose at NFL Nats

2016: Massimo Cifelli - 1st in OI at CFL Nats, Joe Zampirri - 4th in OI at CFL Nats

States Team Placings

1973: 2nd Place 1974: 3rd Place
1975: 2nd Place
1976: 8th Place
1977: 4th Place
1978: 2nd Place
1979: 7th Place
1983: 2nd Place
1984: 2nd Place
1985: 2nd Place
1986: 2nd Place
1987: 2nd Place
1988: 3rd Place
1989: 2nd Place
1990: 2nd Place
1991: 2nd Place
1994: 2nd Place
2001: 2nd Place
2006: 2nd Place
2011: 3rd place
2012: 3rd Place
2014: 2nd Place
2015: 2nd Place


    • FriJan19 Columbia Forensics Meet
    • FriJan19 Indoor Track - Yale Inv.
    • FriJan19 Report Cards Distributed
The Holt Center construction project is nearing its completion. March 1 is the anticipated soft opening for The Holt Center, the day when the school will begin using the facility.
Senior Jack Elliott played a fine all-around game and Jack Rittenmeyer made the game-winning shot in the Firebirds' 47-46 win over first place Lower Moreland.

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