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Freshman Orientation
August,   2016
Re: Things to Know

QUESTIONS:  Ask Mr. Chapman tchapman@holyghostprep.org

1.    School Day starts at 8 AM.  Be on time for your first period class, attendance will be taken after the prayer.
2.    If you are late coming into school, you must go to the office for a late slip and sign in on the attendance board in the office.  If you are late past 8:15, you need a note from a parent or you must call a parent from the main office to verify your late.
3.    Bus lates are excused and lates involving a medical appointment are excused as long as there is a note from the DOCTOR’S office, all other lates are considered unexcused.
4.    You are allowed 6 unexcused lates per semester.  On the 7th lateness, you will be suspended from school for one day.  Follow-up lates will result in an after-school detention for each time late.  If it reaches 14, there will be another 1-day suspension… etc.
5.    If you are on campus and are late to a class, you do not need a late slip.  Report to the class and the teacher will mark you late.
6.    If you are absent, a call is needed each morning from a parent to verify your absence.  When you return to school, a note is needed to verify your absence(s).  The note can be left in the main office on the sign in board, or given to Mr. Chapman.
7.    If you have to leave early for an appointment, a parent must come into the office and sign you out.  No one may leave the building without signing out.  If you are leaving with someone who is not your parent, a note is needed for you to leave.
8.    If you are going to be out of school for an extended time because of sickness, your parent should contact the guidance department for school work  missed.
9.    If you are going to be out of school for an extended time because of another reason (vacation, conference…), you need to get a class release form from Mr. Chapman that is to be signed by your teachers.
10.    Anyone who is involved in an after school activity and will be taking a township late bus – you must sign up for the late bus by 8:30 AM.  This is to be done each time you are going to take the late bus.  If you do not sign up by 8:30, you are not guaranteed that the bus will be here for you.
11.    Nurse slips will be distributed during the school year.  The slips will be given to the first period teachers on the day of the appointment.  Your appointment will be during a free period.  The nurse’s office is on  the first floor of Cornwells Hall, near the chapel.  Failure to make the appointment will result in after school detention with Mr. Chapman.
12.    On mornings of AM assemblies in the gym, attendance will be taken by one or two teachers for each grade.  You are to come into the gym, properly dressed in school uniform before you enter, find your attendance person and check in.  You then proceed to the bleachers and sit and wait for the assembly to begin.
13.    Violations of dress code will result in an after school detention for each  violation.  Excessive abuse of the dress code will result in suspension.
14.    Free periods – there are no structured study halls.  If you are not listed on your schedule for a class period, you are free.  You must stay on campus and our expectations are that you will use the period in constructive fashion.  Go to  the library or computer room; go to the cafeteria if it is not one of the lunch periods.  Do not be a disturbance. 
15.    Outside physical activities are allowed at break and lunch (playing basketball in outdoor courts, throwing Frisbee, playing soccer etc.)  Physical activity is not allowed during a free period that is not break or lunch.  We expect you to be in proper dress code as you return to class.  If you are not, teachers will ask you to leave the class and return properly dressed and groomed and you will also be marked late.
16.    Lunch – there is a rotating cleanup done by the students at lunch.  A list of cleaners will be announced at the beginning of the week and also posted on the bulletin board outside the cafeteria. 
17.    Please pay attention to the AM announcements and make sure you report to any of the faculty who  may have called for you.
18.    During the school day, you are to be in the vicinity of the school buildings.  On any free periods you may not go to the gym area or any other areas not clearly visible from Cornwells Hall.
19.    Food/Drink – No food or drink above the basement floor.  Food and drink  is allowed in the kitchen/cafeteria area and outside.  It is NOT allowed in the locker room and not allowed above the locker room floor level.
20.    Suspension – If you are suspended from classes, you may not make up anything missed.  Therefore, if you had a test or quiz or paper due etc, you would receive a failing grade.  If you would be asked to leave class at any point for discipline reasons, you will remain out of classes for the remainder of the day, thus it would be considered an in-school suspension.
21.    Academic Integrity – cheating, plagiarism etc. is not allowed.  Please read the student handbook regarding this.  If you are involved in a situation regarding cheating, repercussions will be severe.
22.    Use of computers – for academic purposes only!  You may not play games, go to sports sites, or other non-academic sites etc.  Violation of this will result in your not being able to use a computer for 1 month and your free periods being taken away for 1 month.
23.    Cell phones/ other tech devices – cell phones/tech devices are allowed to be used out of class for proper and appropriate use only.  In class – the faculty member will set the parameters for any tech devices.  Violation of this policy will result in the device being confiscated and held for the remainder of the school day AND the following three days. 
24.    Bullying – whether by physical or verbal intimidation OR on line WILL NOT BE TOLERATED – students involved in this type of activity risk suspension and possible expulsion from school !
25.    Respect – treat each other with respect and treat the faculty with respect.  Foul  language in not acceptable at Holy Ghost, speak properly!
26.    When Outside, ALL students must be on the Rte. 95 side of the Gazebo and on the Rte. 95 side of the outdoor basketball courts.  Nobody in front courtyard and nobody in the faculty parking lot.
27.    Ramp doors and chapel doors off faculty lot will be locked at 8:15.
28.    Gym door facing parking lot will be locked at 8:15.
29.    Lockers – Do not mark up the inside or outside of your locker.  Do not give your combination to anyone.  If something is lost or taken from your locker, you will be charged money to replace it if it can be replaced  The reason you will be charged would be that you must have given the combination to another student..  If your locker is damaged in ANY way, you are expected to report this to Mr. Chapman in order to avoid being held responsible yourself for any damage.  Any locker questions, please see Mr. Chapman.
30.    If you are staying after school because of an after school activity – whether you are a participant in the activity or an observer – you may NOT leave the campus prior to the beginning of the activity and then come back for the activity.
Ex. – A student is watching or playing in a freshman basketball game that begins at 3:30 PM.  You may NOT go across Rte 13 to get some food and then come back to the gym for the game.  YOU MUST STAY ON CAMPUS !!

31.A student may not go to the gymnasium area until after the conclusion of 10th period, even if the student may not have a class 10th period.  You must remain in the vicinity of the academic buildings until the end of the school day at 2:30.  Violations of this will result in detention.31.    32. Get off to a good start!  If you have questions, ASK!  Do not try to impress people and win friends, be yourself and everything will take care of itself!

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