Class of 2020 commencement exercises will be held on May 30, 2020 at 10 a.m. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the layout of the tent?   See a pdf of the Tent Layout Here
How many people can I bring?   There is no limit on the number of people that can come to the Commencement or Baccalaureate Mass. (*** See Severe Weather Note)
Are there reserved seats?   There are absolutely no reserved seats.  Any objects/signs/jackets etc# placed on chairs will be removed by HGP staff.  You must be present in the seat to save it.
Does is get crowded?   Generally, the Baccalaureate Mass is not as crowded as Commencement.  There are 1200 seats in the tent.  It is usually standing room only on Commencement Saturday.
How does my son get his cap and gown?   Caps and Gowns are distributed to graduates at graduation practice at 10:00am on the Friday of the Baccalaureate Mass.  Students may not change, cut, hem, write on, etc. the cap or gown in any way.
Do I get to keep the cap and gown?   No, you do not get to keep the cap and gown.  It must be returned to the Firebird Fieldhouse after commencement.  Students who do not return the cap and gowns must pay for it before their transcript will be released to a college or university.  STUDENTS MAY KEEP THE TASSEL.
What happens if it rains?   Both the Baccalaureate Mass and the Commencement will take place if it is raining.  Both ceremonies are under the tent.  Weather may impact the ability to process into the tent. (*** See Severe Weather Note).
*** What if there is severe weather?   If the forecast calls for severe weather then the ceremonies may be placed indoors.  For the Baccalaureate Mass, the ceremony will be moved into the chapel.  ONLY PARENTS AND GRADUATES will be able to attend.  Overflow family and friends will be able to watch via television in the dining hall.  For the Commencement, the ceremony will be in the Firebird Fieldhouse.  There will be no limit on guests for Commencement in the Fieldhouse.  Any change will be posted online, on social media and communicated to parents with graduating seniors.
What time does it start?   The Baccalaureate Mass begins at 7:00pm.  Commencement begins at 10:00am.  Both ceremonies are in the tent.
Where do I park?   Parking is extremely tight.  You will be directed by a volunteer from the Fathers' Association.  Please be patient.
Is there a video?   The Mothers' Guild coordinates sales of a commemorative video.
What happens after Commencement?   The ceremony lasts appx. 2 hours.  The Mothers' Guild has refreshments and snacks in the Firebird Fieldhouse after the ceremony.  Families may also take photos throughout the campus.
Where is my diploma?   Graduates receive their diploma on stage. The actual diploma is in the red folder.  Diplomas are not distributed to students that have an outstanding tuition balance, grade issue or have not completed their community service requirement.
When will my transcript be sent to my college?   The college guidance office sends all transcripts over the summer except for those students with outstanding issues related to tuition, grades or community service.
What is the dress code?   For both the mass and the commencement all students are expected to be dressed appropriately.  Graduates should wear dress pants, dark socks, conservative dress shoes, dress shirt and tie.  Hair should be nearly trimmed.  No facial hair or jewelry is permitted.
Can I take photos?   Parents and friends can take as many photos as they would like.  A photo of each graduate receiving his diploma will be taken by the HGP yearbook company Herff Jones and made available for families after the event.  Parents are asked to allow each graduate to walk through the faculty receiving line after commencement before departing the campus.
 Live Stream?    Commencement will be streamed live.  Information on the link will be provided at when available.
Other Questions?    Email Ryan Abramson -