Parent Diversity Council

Holy Ghost Prep’s Parent Diversity Council (PDC) is a parent group that works closely with school leadership to ensure a welcoming environment for all HGP families.

As an advisory committee, the PDC assists Holy Ghost Prep with its mission to celebrate, educate, and promote a culture of acceptance, respect, and integrity when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the student body, faculty, and staff.

The Parent Diversity Council defines diversity in its broadest and most inclusive terms including racially, socio-economically, geographically, and culturally. And we strive to be a community that is accepting and understanding different traditions, values, and beliefs.

The PDC values partnership, collaboration, communication, and authenticity. The PDC's vision is a school community that embraces and embodies a true sense of belonging across all diverse spaces.

To realize that vision, the PDC's goals as a partner and voice within the parent community are as follows:

  • Ensure a safe, supportive, equitable and comfortable school environment for the benefit of not only the young men currently attending HGP, but for all future students who will have the opportunity to take part in HGP’s academic excellence and educational opportunities.
  • Connect HGP administration, faculty, and staff to our networks to help increase diversity and assist in diversity focused recruitment, hiring, and retention goals.
  • Outreach and create strategic relationships with community leaders, schools, and parishes so that we can attract students that will diversify the HGP student base. We want our sons to look around their school and see a true reflection of the communities and partners that they will ultimately interface with in real life.
  • Accountability: Help HGP stay true to its mission of cultivating inclusive and holistic leaders in our sons, future leaders who will have an awareness of the needs of those who are underrepresented or marginalized.
  • Align our work, communications, programming, and events with the Spiritan values we all stand for.
  • Take meaningful action and lead by example--stand up for what is fair, equitable, and inclusive to facilitate change where it’s needed.
  • Inspire our sons to be their best selves through our work and communications.
  • Provide education and programming through the lens of access—embrace all languages, cultures, traditions, values, and beliefs.

We are here to leave things better than we found them, to see our communities reflections in the HGP school community to help strengthen the welcoming and inclusive culture for the best interest of our young men.

The Parent Diversity Council needs YOUR help! We welcome fresh ideas and different perspectives! If you are interested in being part of the committee or want to share your ideas, please contact us via

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