The shield of Holy Ghost Prep is a dynamic symbol of Spiritan influence, tradition, and history.

The fleur de lis, or translated as lily, has two-fold significance. It is representative of France at the time of the monarchy, which is where and when the Spiritans were founded.  It is also connected to the Virgin Mary in that the whiteness and beauty of the lily flower is symbolic of the purity of Mary Immaculate, whom the Spiritans have always held as a patron.  

The dove and the flame are Biblical images of the Holy Spirit.

The combination of the fleur de lis and the image of the Holy Spirit in one shield symbolizes the combining of two orders - the Congregation of the Holy Ghost founded by Claude des Places and the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary founded by Francis Libermann.  During Libermann's time, the Pope requested the merger of the two orders, which is why the official name of the Spiritan congregation is the Congregation of the Holy Spirit under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary

The colors of the HGP shield are also significant. The fleur de lis is in blue, which is the symbolic color of the Virgin Mary. The red field represents the traditional color used for the Holy Spirit. This is why red and blue are the colors of HGP.  

Additionally, the shield of HGP incorporates some key elements of traditional heraldry. Blue typically represents loyalty and truth, red signifies fortitude and magnanimity, and white points to peace and sincerity. Furthermore, a corner square (where the fleur de lis is located) on a shield is a symbol of honor. The HGP shield is very representative of the truths and values we hold as a community and truly captures our Spiritan charism.