Academic Philosophy and Vision

Academic Philosophy

Academic life at Holy Ghost Prep articulates the pastoral message on Catholic education. 

"To Teach as Jesus Did" is a message which fulfills the dignity of the person and the building of community, a message which equates our community with service.

Therefore, Holy Ghost Prep students are exposed to a rigorous liberal arts and sciences core curriculum which teaches critical-thinking skills, enabling students to critique moral issues through the Gospel message, fellowship in the life of the Holy Spirit, and service to the human community.

As a college preparatory school, Holy Ghost Prep is committed to preparing students for the rigors of a competitive and demanding collegiate career.

In keeping with our mission statement, Holy Ghost Prep sets the following expectations on our students. 

Student Expectations
  • Think rationally. Compute patiently and accurately. Reason and solve problems creatively.
  • Understand the importance and impact of technology in today’s society and be skillful in its use.
  • Appreciate the beauty of creation through a comprehensive program in the humanities.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively while always being sensitive to the needs of others.
  • Strive to understand and appreciate people that are different from themselves.
  • Seek to understand their particular role in God’s master plan.

Think Academic Excellence. Think Challenging. 


Academic Vision

Students leave Ghost with an open mind, an empathetic heart, and a global outlook.

At Holy Ghost Prep, we have a proven Academic Vision for our students. By the time they turn the tassel on their mortarboards at graduation, they have served their neighbors, worked hard and risen to challenges, solved problems, and developed habits of excellence.

Rooted in the Spiritan mission, Holy Ghost Prep students are empowered, engaged, and accomplished.


HGP’s collegiate environment empowers students to discover and employ their unique talents as leaders and global citizens. They are builders of communities. 


Supported by a liberal arts and sciences foundation and the most relevant, effective, and proven teaching practices, HGP’s interactive and engaging experiences amplify student learning. 


Drawing on 21st Century learning skills and informed by ethical decision-making, HGP produces accomplished, innovative young men who adapt, empathize, and respond with resilience.