The Holy Ghost Prep Counseling Services begin with ninth grade and extend through graduation. Services are available to all students, parents and school staff in a variety of settings and are developmental, preventative, and remedial in nature. Counseling services and guidance programs are vital components of the educational process which enable students to assess their needs, recognize their abilities, and formulate strategies to achieve their potential in a community dedicated to academic excellence and generous service to the poor.

Guidance Class

Cor / Unum Program

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Montgomery Scholars Program

Montgomery Scholars Program

Launched in the fall of 2016, the Montgomery Scholars program provides extra academic support and intervention to enable HGP students to be successful from day one at the school.

The program begins for the Montgomery scholars in the summer prior to the start of their freshman year, as those students participate in pre-ninth grade programs in math, English, and study skills. A plan of success is developed for each student and that plan is reviewed monthly by Holy Ghost Prep’s Counseling Office and each student’s teachers to make sure that the extra measures (which include a student assistance course, National Honor Society tutors, and Bucks County Intermediate Unit extra help, if needed) are working.

The Montgomery Scholars program is named after Kevin Montgomery whose life was tragically cut short at the age of 17 from complications of a diabetic attack in 1998. Montgomery, who carried a 3.98 GPA and was set to attend Duquesne University that fall, was one of those students who dove into everything that Holy Ghost Prep had to offer. He also found time to tutor his classmates and ended up being the driving force behind the creation of the Holy Ghost Prep National Honor Society tutoring program.

Additional Services: Catapult Counseling and Tutoring

Catapult Counselor - Jena Hercus

Catapult Math Tutor - Catherine Killian 


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Director of Counseling
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