Counseling and College Guidance

Information Literacy

Grade 9; 1/4 Credit - Fall Semester

            The objective of this course is to ensure an educated technological transition of students from elementary school to high school. Students begin with an introduction to technology at Holy Ghost Prep: the computer network, operating systems, authentication, passwords, file and print sharing, as well as personal data storage and transfer options, and, of course, common use of Microsoft Office programs. Students are introduced to concepts in computer applications that they will be expected to know for the composition of their papers and science labs. This course meets one period per cycle.

Guidance 9

Grade 9; 1/2 Credit - Two Semesters

            Guidance offers both personal and group counseling with the guidance counselors in a classroom context as well as a personal setting.  Students can confront their personal feelings about school and its challenges as well as broaching topics that they share with their peers.  It also explores such issues as goal setting, success principles, self-image, time management and motivation.  This course meets one or two periods per cycle.


Guidance 10

Grade 10; 1/2 Credit -Two Semesters

            Students meet in small groups once each rotation to discuss relevant personal and academic issues. During the year, each sophomore will be required to complete a career networking project and present his findings to the class. All students will acquire detailed knowledge about a wide variety of careers and will be challenged to explore their communication skills in the context of a real networking experience.


Guidance 11

Grade 11; 1/2 Credit - Two Semesters

            This course focuses on steps in the college admission process.  Such steps include college essay writing, visitation and interview procedures, formation of a list of prospective colleges through use of the College Board’s EXPAN Program and the Guidance Information System (GIS), career exploration, and preparation of a resume.  This course meets one period per cycle.


Guidance 12

Grade 12; 1/4 Credit - Fall Semester

            This course explores available student financial aid, further refines the college application and eventual decision-making selection process and discusses various aspects of the adjustment to college during the freshman year.  This course meets one period per cycle.

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