Math 9

Algebra I

Grade 9; 1 Credit - Two Semesters

            This core course lays the foundation for the rest of the courses in high school mathematics.  Its primary goal is the acquisition of the necessary manipulative skills in algebra and the attainment of an adequate understanding of concepts by the methods of self-discovery and generalization.  Students who have had limited or no exposure to algebra will be placed in this course.


Intermediate Algebra

Grade 9; 1 Credit - Two Semesters

            This core course is intended for students who have had exposure to Algebra I. The basic concepts of Algebra I will be covered quickly and students will move on to advanced Algebra I topics and introductory Algebra II concepts, if time permits. The graphing calculator will be used extensively to enhance the student’s base of understanding by showing the graphical aspect of the algebraic concept.  Students will also use the calculator as an exploratory tool prior to learning a specific topic. Placement in this course will be based on student achievement in the Algebra Placement test.


Algebra II Honors

Grade 9; 1 Credit - Two Semesters

            This core honors section is limited to those students who not only have a solid background in Algebra I, but also have consistently demonstrated a high aptitude for achievement in mathematics.  Students who are placed into this section and perform successfully will have the opportunity to accelerate their math curriculum so that they will be able to take both AP Calculus AB and BC.  Students in the Algebra II Honors section will move more quickly and deeply into regular and advanced Algebra II topics.  The graphing calculator will be used extensively.  The Placement Committee considering entrance test scores, other standardized testing, elementary school grades, and an Algebra placement test determines enrollment in this honors section.

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