Religion 11

Catholic Morality

Grades 11; 1/2 Credit - First Semester

            The core course in Catholic morality seeks to familiarize students more deeply with the sources of Catholic moral teaching that emerge from the teachings of Jesus, Sacred Scripture, and Sacred Tradition. A primary goal of the course will be to make students more conversant with the content of Section 3 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (“Life in Christ”). Students will be encouraged to critique their own behavior and the behavior of our culture via the principles taught in this course as a means of helping them to grow as Christian young men who take seriously the call to holiness that comes through faithfulness to Christ.


Social Justice

Grade 11; 1/2 Credit - Second Semester

            This core course seeks to educate students about not only the structural injustices present in society but also the Christian vision that opposes those injustices. Through study, reflection, discussion, and action, students will be encouraged to develop and apply solutions that are inspired by the Gospel values of human dignity and global community.


Peer Ministry

Grade 11; Non-Credit - Two Semesters

            Students in the junior year may apply to the campus minister for inclusion into this co-curricular course, which will meet one period per cycle.  Students will minister to the school community in various service capacities according to their interests.  Students will be trained in listening, facilitating group discussions, and other leadership skills.  The Chaplain will select some students to assist with the Senior Retreat and the Junior and Sophomore Days of Renewal.

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