Religion 12

World Religions

Grade 12; 1/2 Credit - Either Semester

            This core course seeks to introduce students to the beliefs, writings, and cultures of the world’s major religious movements.  It also hopes to promote appreciation for the diversity of religious experience in the world and to help students to better understand their Catholic Christian faith in comparison to other faith traditions.  Finally, this course attempts to better fulfill the Spiritan mission by preparing students to engage in inter-religious dialogue.



Grade 12; 1/2 Credit - Either Semester

This one-semester, senior elective course will seek to answer Jesus' question: "Who do people say I am?" It will introduce the student to a more in-depth study of the Synoptic Gospels, The Gospel of John, the Pauline letters and other early Church writings as well as their portrayals of Jesus as “The Christ.” In so doing, the course will help students to understand how the Church has come to view both the person and mission of Jesus of Nazareth.  This course will seek to be more than an encounter with information.  Through reflective and prayer exercises, the course will endeavor to enable students to develop and/or strengthen their personal relationships with Jesus.


Faith and Science

Grade 12; 1/2 Credit - Either Semester

This one-semester, team-taught, senior elective course will introduce students to the relationship between the Catholic Church and Science over the past millennium, emphasizing the important contributions made by the Church and scientific pioneers during that time.  Moreover, the course will examine through scientific and religious lenses contemporary theories and topics such as  evolution and the Big Bang vs. the biblical account of Genesis, the creation of sentient beings, and how natural laws are not violated during creation of these  beings. The course, overall, will attempt to instill in students an appreciation for Catholic Christian teachings about God the Father as “Creator” and Jesus the Son as “the Last Adam, the true origin of humanity,” as well as the vital role which science plays in unlocking the mysteries of God.


The Authentic Self

Grade 12; 1/2 Credit - Either Semester

            The goal of this course will be to examine the spiritual journey to authentic living through everyday language. Students will examine their own lives in relation to God, to others, and to themselves. In doing so, they will discern their personal joys in life and identify what brings them pain and sorrow. Over the course of the semester, the class will explore a variety of topics that include: money, power, anger, forgiveness, and dreams. By the end of the semester, students will possess the knowledge to identify their false selves, their personal dragons, and their shadows as they seek to better understand how they can become truly happy through being the person that God created them to be.


 The Question of God in Modern Life

Grade 12; 1/2 Credit - Either Semester

            This core course will consider the topics of the existence of God, the problem of suffering, and the search for religious truth in modern culture. Students will analyze films, read and analyze shorter texts, and engage the instructor through classroom discussions. By doing so, students will become acquainted with how those who have preceded them have wrestled with these issues and questions as well as the answers at which they have arrived.


Social Justice

Grade 12; 1/2 Credit - Either Semester

            This core course seeks to educate students about not only the structural injustices present in society but also the Christian vision that opposes those injustices. Through study, reflection, discussion, and action, students will be encouraged to develop and apply solutions that are inspired by the Gospel values of human dignity and global community.

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