Religion 9

The Revelation of God

Grade 9; 1/2 Credit - Fall Semester

            This course introduces students to the origins of the Judeo-Christian tradition through examination of key biblical stories and themes, such as revelation and covenant.  The course prepares students to understand how and why Christians believe Jesus to be the consummate revelation of God, particularly through an in-depth examination of one of the synoptic Gospels. The course explores the foundations of Christian belief through an examination of the major credal statements of the early Church.


Faith and Christian Living

Grade 9; 1/2 Credit - Spring Semester

            Building upon the Revelation of God course, this course examines the implications of belief in the credal statements of the early Church, particularly in relation to Catholic Liturgy, Catholic Morality and Social Teaching, and vocations/a life of service.  This course offers students experiential learning in the areas of prayer, fasting and devotional practices, service, journaling for spiritual growth, and familiarization with the items used in Catholic Mass and other rituals.

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