Science 9


Grade 9; 1 Credit - Two Semesters; Honors Section Available

            This core course begins the science cycle of courses.  The scope of the course includes the development of an understanding and appreciation for the living world around us.  Course methodology includes lecture, laboratory work, film presentations, field trips and group discussion of current biological issues.  Topics include the principles and processes of life, genetics, evolution, microbiology, botany, and the development of the animal kingdom.

            The honors section of this course approaches the living condition using the fundamental principles of Physics and Chemistry.  The course emphasizes energy storage and flow, basics of bioorganic chemistry, including coding and flow, and control mechanisms as applied to living systems at all levels, from cell to ecosystem.  A survey of the major groups of organisms is included, as are treatments of population biology, ecology, and other current topics.  Enrollment for the honors section is limited to those students who have shown high aptitude in math and science, both in their elementary school courses and on the entrance exam, who will be concurrently taking a math honors course, have departmental approval, and have approval of the Placement Committee.

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