Social Studies 10

World History and Culture II

Grade 10; 1 Credit - Two Semesters

            This sophomore course is a survey of the origins of world civilizations from the Renaissance to the present day. Emphasis will be on themes in history including gender, race, religion, popular culture, industrialization, and modernization. Particular attention is given to the multi-cultural nature of the global community.


AP European History

Grades 10, 11, 12; 1 Credit – Two Semesters

            The purpose of Advanced Placement European History is to introduce the student to the major themes and historical achievements of people of European heritage. By critically examining the major political, cultural, economic, and religious movements of the past, the student will gain a better understanding of Europe’s historical identity. The course will explore these events not only to look at the past, but as a means to gain insight into the causes of contemporary social issues that affect present European people. Thus, it will be important for each student to look at past issues with an eye toward the present. The purpose of this will be to help the student realize that certain recurring problems continue to influence people of today like their predecessors from the past. 

            More importantly, students will endeavor to uncover areas of continuity and change over time while simultaneously trying to judge various European actors from within the confines of their historical traditions. This will minimize placing anachronistic values on people from the past and it will make the student more aware of the various social and political events that helped shape our European ancestors. Finally, each student must understand the commitment and academic vigor of this course. Advanced Placement European History is for mature students who are willing to spend much time researching papers, homework assignments, and other materials in preparation for the Advanced Placement Exam and other comprehensive exams.

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