World Language 9

Spanish I

Grades 9, 10; 1 Credit - Two Semesters

            This course is designed to offer beginning Spanish language students comprehensive coverage in the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, which are involved in the effective use of basic Spanish.  A systematic study of Spanish grammar and syntax, a word-building program, basic composition instruction and the study of civilization relating to Spanish-speaking areas are covered in the course.


French I

Grades 9, 10; 1 Credit - Two Semesters

            The aim of this course is to provide first-year students with a working knowledge of the mechanics of French.  Emphasis is placed on building vocabulary, verb conjugations, simple conversation and readings. The course also illustrates the culture of France.


Latin I

Grades 9, 10; 1 Credit - Two Semesters

            This course aims to situate the Latin language within the family of Indo-European languages and underline its importance as the root of the modern romance languages.  Basic grammatical structure and syntax are emphasized, especially in comparison with those of English and Western languages.  Vocabulary study stresses the many English words derived from Latin.

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