The Religion Department, working in conjunction with the Office of Campus Ministry, recognizes its unique and primary role in helping the school to fulfill its mission to "form young men morally, intellectually, and spiritually in the Spiritan Tradition." The Department seeks to accomplish that mission by assisting students in deepening their relationship with God through a quality balance of informative and formative experiences. Concern for the poor, discernment of the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and attempts to create a community "of one heart and one mind" permeate those experiences.

All students study Roman Catholicism through required courses. These courses are designed to be challenging. Frequently, religion courses incorporate interdisciplinary content in an attempt to help students understand Roman Catholicism in context, a departure from the rote memorization of teachings to which many students are accustomed. In order to assist freshmen, who usually come to HGP from numerous elementary schools and with a diversity of backgrounds in religious instruction, the Religion Department offers two foundational courses designed to create a common body of knowledge on which all freshmen can then build. Students who are not Roman Catholic are enrolled in and expected to pass religion courses. Non-Catholic students are also expected to join the community for all liturgical celebrations.


  • Revelation of God
  • Faith and Christian Living
  • Bible
  • Sexuality and Dating
  • Catholic Morality
  • Social Justice
  • Christology
  • Faith and Science
  • World Religion

Clubs and Service Opportunities

  • AARP Service
  • Campus Ministers
  • Christian Service
  • Community Service Corps
  • Ghost Around the World
  • Mission Trips

Religion Faculty

Joe Dembik

Titles: Assistant Director of College Guidance, Religion Teacher

Mr. John Fitzpatrick

Class of 1989
Titles: Religion Department Chair

John Scafidi

Titles: Religion Teacher

Fr. Daniel Sormani, C.S.Sp.

Titles: Spiritan Chaplain, Religion and World Languages Teacher

Mr. Mark Whartenby

Titles: Director of Campus Ministry