Registration for Ghost Summer 2021 is now closed.

Ghost Summer courses offer something for every HGP student—whether that's the chance to earn academic (GPA) credit for the 2021-22 academic year, pursue additional enrichment experiences, or diversify his academic resume. The courses cover a wide range of topics, from journalism to jazz improvisation and from finance to video game design. A printable version of the Ghost Summer course brochure, which includes a comprehensive list of course offerings, descriptions, and dates, can be found HERE.

There are three sessions to Ghost Summer, beginning June 14, July 5, and July 26, respectively. Each course is either three or six weeks and is worth a quarter, half, or full credit. When you take a Ghost Summer course, you will get academic (GPA) credit for it and it will appear on your HGP transcript. Each course is either online self-paced, synchronous online, hybrid (a mix of synchronous virtual meetings, individual asynchronous work, and/or in-person meetings), or entirely in-person on campus. 

In addition to a number of elective offerings, there are five core classes that are offered during Ghost Summer: Geometry Honors, Physics Honors, Sexuality and Dating, Morality, and World Religions. Taking one of these core courses during Ghost Summer fulfills the respective requirement during the 2021-22 academic year. Because taking one of these core courses will free up a class period in your schedule during the academic year, you can replace it with another elective or an Open Study.

Please contact Mr. Patrick Hoelzle '01, Dean of Academics, at with any questions about Ghost Summer.

Click here for a printable Ghost Summer Course Brochure

Sessions and Course Offerings