Graduation Requirements

The minimum requirement for graduation at Holy Ghost Preparatory School is 28.5 credits. A credit is earned by completing assigned work satisfactorily. 

A senior who fails a course in his senior year may not graduate from Holy Ghost Prep. All students must fully participate in Christian Service and the following to fulfill our academic requirements for graduation:

Subject Area Semesters Required Min # of Credits
English 8 4
Math 8 4
Religion 8 4
Science 6 3
Social Studies 6 3
World Language 6 3
Guidance 7 3.5
Fine Arts** 2 .5
Engineering** 1 .5
Electives*** 6 3


  • All students must take a minimum of 6 full-credit (for year-long courses) or half-credit (for semester courses) per semester during each year of their attendance at Holy Ghost Prep. 
  • All students must take Biology, Chemistry, and Physics to fulfill the Science requirement.
  • All students must complete 3 consecutive years of the same language to fulfill the World Language requirement.
  • All seniors are required to take at least one Science, World Language, or Computer Science course as part of their senior curriculum.

**These requirements are fulfilled freshman year. As part of our liberal arts education, all freshman students are required to take either Introduction to Studio Art or one of the other Fine Arts Department offerings. Additionally, freshmen are required to take Design Thinking in an effort to build the 21st Century learning skills of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.

***This requirement can be completed senior year if no other full- or half-credit electives are taken freshman, sophomore, or junior year.

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