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Our Philosophy: At Holy Ghost Preparatory School, we believe the college search process should be holistic in our approach to finding the "best fit" college for a student. We strive to help our young men learn more about themselves to help make informed search decisions so that they will be fulfilled by their college experience academically, spiritually, and socially. 

College Guidance Class

Beginning in your son's sophomore year, he will be attending college guidance class once a cycle.  Below you will find a brief list of topics covered by year.  Should you desire to see the full curriculum, please contact your son's counselor. To find your son's counselor, access our Meet the College Guidance team page.  
Sophomore Year 
  • Career Interest Profile 
  • Myers-Briggs Profile 
  • College Search - terminology, factors to consider and comparison tools 
  • Financial Aid  - how it can affect my college choice 
  • SAT/ACT  
Junior Year
  • Essay Writing 
  • Resume Preparation 
  • Junior College Day 
  • Junior Profile 
  • Recommendation Letters 
  • Beginning the Common Application 
Senior Year
  • Finalizing essays and resumes 
  • Application Submission 
  • Next steps in senior year 
  • Financial Aid 

Naviance - Family Connection

Family Connection on Naviance: An integral part of the college guidance program at Holy Ghost, is a web-based program that helps students and parents make decisions about colleges, careers and future plans.  Each family and student is given access at the end of their freshman year.   

If you have misplaced your login credentials, please contact Ms. Terry Kudla, 
Students Resources include (but not limited to): 
  • Online student portal – request, manage, and track the documents colleges require from the College Guidance Office in order to complete college application.  
  • Customized messaging based on the class year and needs 
  • Compare colleges using HGP-specific data 
  • See which colleges are coming to visit HGP and sign up for the presentations 
  • Explore your career and major options using industry leading surveys 
  • Research colleges with comparison tools 
Parent Resources include (but not limited to): 
  • Get involved in the planning and advising process 
  • Research and "suggest" colleges to your student 
  • See upcoming meetings, due dates, and scholarship opportunities appropriate to your son's year 
More info on our Naviance page

College Guidance Faculty

Bryn Campbell

Titles: Assistant Director of College Guidance

AnnMarie Dougherty

Titles: Director of College Guidance

Karen Iuliano

Titles: Associate Director of College Guidance

Theresa Kudla

Titles: College Guidance Coordinator

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