Athletics and College Process

For the driven athlete, our approach is to find a school where the student could not only play, but also love even if they cannot play for any reason. We understand the desire to learn and the desire to play can be equally strong, and we use that to help inform our search and application process. 
The Athletic Recruitment Process in 3 Main Steps: 
1) Assess athletic ability 
2) Identify appropriate colleges/universities 
3) Contact coaches  
Step 1 can be the hardest, but it is the most important.  We encourage you to have your son speak to his coach(es) about their opinion on the level (Division I, II or III) he could compete.  Still unsure?  Consider using an outside assessment group like RecruitU (details on Family Connection). 
Need a checklist to stay on track through the recruitment process? Login to Family Connection and download a 4-Year Checklist!  


"The NCAA is a membership driven organization dedicated to safeguarding student-athlete well-being and equipping them with the skills to succeed on the playing field, in the classroom and throughout life." - 


"The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics is a governing body of small college athletics programs that are dedicated to character-driven intercollegiate athletics." - 

  • Includes 248 colleges and universities and 21 conferences 

  • All students playing for the NAIA must register with the eligibility center.   


Curious about the athletic recruitment process for the the sport of rowing?  Read about it here.

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