Financial Aid Information

Here at Ghost, we believe that part of the college search is the concept of financial fit. As we guide students through the process, we encourage you as a family to have the important "cost" conversation. 

As you navigate the financial aid process, there are some important federal definitions of aid that you should be aware of when speaking with a college/university. 

  • Financial Aid – any grant, scholarship, loan or paid employment offered to help a student meet his college expenses.  Often does not meet full financial need of a student 
  • Cost of Attendance (COA) - complete list of costs to attend school including tuition, room & board, fees, projected books cost, and potential travel costs.
  • FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid is an application filed annually by the student and  parents to determine the family's EFC. 
  • Expected Family Contribution (EFC) - The amount of money the federal government determines a family can reasonably contribute to a college education annually,. 
  • CSS Profile – an additional form used to see if a student may be eligible for additional institutional aid (NOT FEDERAL) used by 400+ schools. 
  • Financial Need – The difference in monies when you subtract the EFC from the COA.   
COA - EFC = Financial Need 
  • Scholarship – Merit money given based on academic/personal performance, not based upon family financial need, that does not need to be paid back. 
  • Need-Based Aid – Monies awarded based on family financial need – includes loans, employment and grants. 
  • Grant – Need-based money you do not need to pay back. 
  • PHEAA – Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency – offers additional grant funds based on financial need and state budget allowance.  Often listed as "estimated" on a financial aid package as the colleges wait for the state to set the annual budget each summer. 
  • SEOG – Student Education Opportunity Grant – Federal Grant money given to families with demonstrated financial need that meets the federal guidelines. 
  • Outside Scholarships – any outside scholarship the student earns towards paying for college 
Resource Websites: 
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U.S, Department of Education College Scorecard - 
For outside scholarship websites and local scholarships geared to our students, please login to Family Connection 
Want to discuss your specific questions?  Please reach out to your college counselor
We often have financial aid evenings for parents, please check the School Calendar for a schedule.  
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