Hybrid Ghost 2.0

  • Alternating on-campus days for Blue and Red Firebirds: Blue and Red Firebirds alternate on-campus days during the school week. Generally, that means three on-campus days one week and two the next. The other days are remote.
  • Daily time schedule: Students meet all of their classes for 39 minutes every on-campus day. The daily time schedule is below.

  • Rotating 8-day cycle: The rotating cycle allows you to meet all of your classes, including co-curriculars (Guidance, Counseling, Art, Guitar, etc.). This also creates more in-person time for key AP courses and labs. 

  • No drop period: In the traditional rotating 8-day cycle, you usually drop a class every 7th cycle day. In HG2.0, because you meet every class every on-campus day, there are no more drops. The last period of every day is the next letter day’s first period.

  • Teacher prep day/student work day: Every 9th cycle day is a teacher prep day/student work day from home.

  • Length of school day: The school day is now 8:00am to 2:40pm to accommodate the additional class time for on-campus days. 

  • Increased structure and scheduled learning time at home: While at home, students will be engaged in direct video instruction or a timed assignment/assessment aligned with the on-campus class, flipped classroom strategies (reading and/or video instruction to introduce new content), and/or independent work. Clear expectations and deadlines for at-home days will be provided by the teacher in a timely and consistent manner.

Daily Time Schedule