The arts are woven into the fabric of Holy Ghost Prep.

So it’s not uncommon to find a Holy Ghost Prep sports star with a palette of acrylics or a speech and debate sensation who also plays saxophone.

One of the tenets of a Holy Ghost education is helping each student develop his unique gifts. Our robust opportunities to perform and create—in the visual arts, music, and theater—encourage our students to become creative problem-solvers, divergent thinkers, and positive risk-takers.

So whether you’re interested in channeling your inner Van Gogh or Van Halen, Holy Ghost Prep will allow you to do it in collegiate-level facilities such as the Frank Frederico ’00 Theater, our state-of-the-art music instruction rooms in the Holt Center, or our spacious art studio.

Think Unique Gifts. Think Ghost.

Think Unique Gifts