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2019 In-Season Update

The Firebirds won the final regular season league meet, beating five other teams on Sept. 23. Junior Elliott Puckett recorded his first career win that day on the Rose Tree Park course in Media.  Fellow junior Antonio Camacho was second for the team, followed by senior Mitchell Feyl, sophomore Joe Smith, and senior Paul Watkins to complete the scoring. 

Holy Ghost Prep, coached by Mark Staudenmeier, finished the regular season with an impressive record of 9-1 in Bicentennial Athletic League competition.

The team then traveled to the Six Flags Invitational in New Jersey on Sept. 28 and competed against teams from four different states.  Thanks to a strong team effort, the Firebirds placed third out of 24 teams in their respective race. Junior Elliot Puckett led the way with a third-place finish, recording a very quick 16:18 on the 5k course.  Junior Antonio Camacho, junior John Horgan, senior Mitchell Feyl, and senior Paul Watkins completed the scoring for the Firebirds at Six Flags. Sophomore Joe Smith and freshman Ciaran Chambers rounded out the varsity seven. Puckett, Camacho and Horgan also earned individual medals. The JV team placed eighth in their Six Flags race, led by senior Alex Borda who was an individual medal winner with an eighth overall finish.

The Firebirds competed in their final invitational of the season at the Salesianum Invitational in Delaware on Oct. 5.  The team handled the very challenging course at Brandywine Creek State Park quite well, finishing third in the race and again earning a team award. This invitational also featured teams from several different states.  Elliot Puckett placed second, Antonio Camacho 13th, and Mitchell Feyl 15th to lead the team.  Each earned individual medals as well.  John Horgan and Paul Watkins scored, followed by Joe Smith and Ciaran Chambers.

Next up for the Firebirds is the BAL league championship race on Oct. 16 at Tyler State Park, and then the PIAA District 1 championship race at Lehigh University on Oct. 25.


Coach Mark Staudenmeier

Coach Mike Meistering

Coach Hugh Mundy

Coach Ed Camacho

Coach Gil Bainbridge

Summer Info

Summer Info

Optional Team Summer runs begin after Jul 4th at Tyler State Park's Boathouse. New members welcome! 

The optional team running schedule is Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:00pm, Saturdays at 9:00am, all at Tyler State Park's Boathouse Area, for each of these days following the 4th of July Holiday until the start of official practice in mid-August.

The most important thing you can do to develop yourself is to run every day. Ideally you learn how to not feel every stride, but how to sight-see on your feet while enjoying the camaraderie of others or just a commune with nature.

Athletes increase their general fitness, endurance, and strength through daily training efforts. During the summer, participation in other sports (avoiding injury, please!) is encouraged to improve your physical fitness and stamina, but also running every day. There is no substitute for running!

Hopefully each of you wants to improve yourself and your physical condition to maximize your and the team's success.  It is easier to train with teammates or with other runners to help you enjoy your runs more. 

Running should be something you look forward to every day. 

Summer Information




Cross Country Practice Schedules 2018-19

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Practice/Meet Facilities: The Holy Ghost Prep Cross Country runs their home meets at Tyler State Park in Newtown, PA. The team also practices usually twice per week at Tyler in the afternoons after dismissal. About two days per week the team runs in the local area: on neighborhood roads, at Neshaminy State Park, and sometimes even Pennypack Park. The team travels for invitationals to local schools, such as Abington HS or William Tenennt HS, but also travels to Carlisle HS, HersheyPark, DeSales University, and Lehigh University. In varying years, the team will compete at Van Cortlandt Park in New York or Belmont Plateau in Philadelphia

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Team Rules

TEAM RULES REVIEW: Team members come to team practice. Athletes who aren't on the team don't come to team practice. Athletes who are on the team come to team practice. If you are on the team, then be at practice! Clearly choosing to not be at practice is choosing not to be part of the team! Those who think they are on the team will not be on the team if they miss three team practices or more during the entire season BECAUSE....TEAM MEMBERS COME TO TEAM PRACTICE! Check the meet and practice schedule and DON'T SCHEDULE OTHER ACTIVITIES DURING TEAM PRACTICE!

Students may be removed from the team for having a negative attitude, missing practices or declining opportunities to compete. If you don't want to practice or you don't want to compete, please remove yourself! If you want to be an athlete on our team, meet your athletic responsibilities!

To get better, you have to want the best competition you can find! Everyone needs to train! Continue your development! Work hard, compete well, run fast. 



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