Service Immersion Experience

At Holy Ghost Prep, commitment to service, concern for the poor, and a global vision aren’t just lines in our Spiritan charism; they are woven into the school’s DNA.

Whether it’s staying among the people of Tanzania or the Dominican Republic, caring for the homeless in Philadelphia and Trenton, taking on small construction projects each year in West Virginia, or simply visiting our own elderly neighbors, HGP challenges its students to see themselves as servant leaders who respond to the needs of others with compassion.

Every student at Holy Ghost Prep will graduate having participated in a multi-day service immersion program.  Some of these will be local, some international, and some, like Finding Your Dream in Pittsburgh, will be an integral part of the experience of playing ice hockey at HGP.  

Finding Your Dream in Pittsburgh

Lead Teachers: Mr. Abramson, Mr. Profy & Mr. Whiteside

Support Staff: Mr. Seravalli, Mr. Mundy and Mr. Ritchie

Cost: $300

Dates of Course: January 4-6, 2023 with three meetings prior to experience

Description: In partnership with the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation, and the DePaul School for Hearing and Speech, students will explore how to use their passion for sports to help understand and build relationships with students that face a unique set of opportunities and challenges at the DePaul School. Students will also learn how professional sports teams use their influence to lift up communities in need. This is an interactive experience which allows for hands-on learning in a professional setting.

Max enrollment: 8-12 students (not including the varsity ice hockey players)