Ultimate Frisbee

Coach: Tom Croskey (13th season)

2019 Fall Highlights: 1st place in PHUEL Kit Kat Tournament, 2nd place in NJ DEVYL High School Tournament, 2nd place in NJ DEVYL College Tournament.

2019 Spring Finish: 6th place in Pennsylvania, 5th place in Philadelphia.

Key Players Lost to Graduation: Matt Armitage, Ryan Elliott, Eric Jastrzembski, Patrick Morrison (Captain), Gabe Oniate, Christian Owen, Sean Parsons (Captain), Shawn Tamulis

Key 2021 Spring Returnees: Trey Barone, Zach Braunstein, Griffin Burt, Will Castner, Mitch Demmler (Captain), Tank Dragoni, Michael Esposito, Albert Gallo, Gabe Hackman (Captain), Kyle Incollingo, Zander Lutz (Captain), Joe McCann, Brian Medrow, Evan Medrow (Captain), Jonathan Pinkstone, and John Schroeder. 

2021 Spring Season Outlook: Practice begins on Monday 3/8. There will be no league games this year, but we will have a full schedule of games beginning in April. The schedule will be released by the end of March. Please keep weekends open/available. Most teams are in a wait and see position as they navigate local policies. 


2021 SPRING Sports Information!

All students who are interested in playing ultimate this spring need to have all HGP Athletic Forms completed by the first day of practice on Monday March 8th. Please email tcroskey@holyghostprep.org for specific ultimate related questions, or to be added to the team's Schoology group to stay up-to-date on pertinent team information.  Follow the team on Twitter for score updates and general public information.  

2021 Spring Ultimate Checklist


  • Sports Forms

    • CIPPE Sections 1-5, is completed online. Find here.

    • CIPPE Section 7 is a recertification form.  Find here.

    • CIPPE Section 6 (Physical - Completed by a doctor). A printed copy must be handed in to Mr. Jeff Jacoby (Athletic Trainer)). Find here.

    • Covid Waiver is printed out and handed in to Mr. Conlin. 

    • Athletic Player Contract is completed online. Find here.

    • Driving Permission Form is completed online. Find here.


  • First Practice - What do you need?

    • Cleats - Athletic plastic cleats (soccer or low cut football) for running, jumping, and cutting

    • Athletic Attire - comfortable shirt, shorts, sweats

    • Water bottle - stay hydrated throughout the day


  • First Game - What do you need?

    • HGP Jersey - Can be purchased from me for $55

    • Navy Blue shorts

    • Cleats

    • Warmup sweats

    • Water Bottle

    • Food

Ultimate is a competitive, self-officiated sport that pits 7 on 7 on a field 110 yards long by 40 yards wide. Players in possession of the disc throw it across the field until a teammate catches it in the end zone (20 yards long by 40 yards wide). Players without the disc seek to intercept or knock the disc to the ground. Once a disc touches the ground, a turnover occurs and possession switches. Like soccer, the transition is fast and instantaneous resulting in some quick, exciting plays. Each goal counts as 1. Games are played until a team reaches 15 and wins by 2. This usually lasts about 90-120 minutes per contest. 

Ultimate Frisbee- 2020

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