2020 Fall Sports Info


Dear HGP Parent/Guardian,

The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA), the state's governing body for high school sports, voted 25-5 to begin fall sports on Monday, August 24. 

We are excited about the start of the fall sports season at Holy Ghost Prep with tryouts/practice on Monday. However, the safety of our Holy Ghost Prep students is our No. 1 priority, so we have developed sport-specific health and safety plans for each Holy Ghost Prep fall sport.

Student-athletes should arrive at practice/tryouts wearing a mask. At the beginning of the tryouts/practice, our coaches will outline the health and safety plan with all of the student-athletes on Monday, and each student must follow all of the safety protocols contained in these plans.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health and our Health and Safety planning team chair, Mr. Mike Jacobs '01, have reviewed all plans, along with Dr. Ron Goren, the Philadelphia area infectious disease expert who is helping the school with our reopening plans.  

The first day of tryouts/practice is scheduled for August 24, 2020.  Please email the appropriate coach below for more information about our fall teams.

More sport specific information is as follows:


Coach Mark Staudenmeier         

Email:  mstaudenmeier@holyghostprep.org

Anyone interested in Cross Country needs to contact Coach Staudenmeier via email, ASAP.  He will provide a summer training program and other relevant information.  There are no cuts of freshmen in Cross Country provided the athlete attends team practices and follows team rules.  Mandatory practice begins Monday August 24th.  Practice is Monday through Friday from 6:00pm to 7:45pm and Saturday from 9:00am to 11:00am.  Meeting place is the Mill Dam Parking lot at Tyler State Park.



Coach Mark Walder               

Email:  mwalder@holyghostprep.org



Coach Amanda Kirby

Email:  amandakirby0202@gmail.com



Coach Ken Lawson                 

Email:  klawson@holyghostprep.org



Coach Allison Boehm

Email:  aboehm@holyghostprep.org



Coach Tom Croskey

Email:  tcroskey@holyghostprep.org

The fall Ultimate Frisbee season will begin practice on the first Monday of classes. Students will need cleats (soccer, low cut style) and athletic attire. There are no cuts - everyone makes the team either varsity of junior varsity. 



Please read all of the following information carefully so that your son will be eligible to participate in fall sports at Holy Ghost Prep.  The following forms are required and we cannot allow anyone to participate without them.  Please click on each link to open the form/file:

1.     AFTER JUNE 1, 2020:  PIAA CIPPE Sections 1-5   This online form is mandatory.  Once you complete Sections 1-5, you will be prompted to print out SECTION 6 - Take the sections 6 form to your doctor to complete, date and sign.  Your son should then hand the signed sections 6 physical form to our athletic trainer, Mr, Jeff Jacoby, to approve.  Students without the properly completed PIAA CIPEE forms will not be eligible to participate in a sport at Holy Ghost Prep. Jeff Jacoby's email address is:  jjacoby@holyghostprep.org  

2.     Athletic Player Contract:  All parents/guardians AND student athletes are required to read and sign the signature boxes.

3.     Locker Request Form: not required for tryouts, but all fall sport athletes are encouraged to use a locker in Firebird Fieldhouse.  All students must have a combination lock.  Lockers are assigned.  Therefore, students may not help themselves to a locker. 

4.     Driving Permission Form: to be completed by all parents/guardians of interscholastic athletes.  The purpose of this form is to inform us about your preference when it comes to transportation of your son to an event or practice off campus.  Contests for most away games in most sports are covered by a contracted bus service, but some sports have practices and home contests off campus.

Please do not send Cippe Section 6 (physical form) in standard mail.  

All parents of varsity athletes will be required to attend a mandatory meeting when team selection is complete.  Our coaches will contact you regarding the date, time and location.

Thank you,

Craig Conlin 

Athletic Director