Fieldhouse Policies

Primary Entrance for Student-Athletes:

The outside doors next to fitness area leading to coaches’ and students’ locker rooms.

1. These doors are the normal entry and exit for athletes in the afternoon.

2. These doors will be open in the morning for students to come in and put their equipment in their lockers upon arrival at school and to leave the building after doing so.

3. In the morning, students may only enter to use their locker and then leave as they came; no one should be in any other part of the building in the morning.


Food and Drink, Fitness Center Usage:

1. The only areas in the building where food and drink are permissible are from the concession/lobby area to the vending machines outside of the hallway entrance to the locker/fitness area.

2. There is no longer any vending under the back Chapman Arena steps and no reason to enter the stairwell unless going into the Chapman Arena or out to the baseball fields.

3. No one may use the fitness room without direct supervision.

A.  There is a separate fitness room orientation that is required for students wishing to use the equipment.

B.  Coaches in-season will educate their athletes regarding the fitness center equipment.


Visitor’s Locker, Coaches’ Locker, Training Room:

1. No students are allowed in the training room without adult supervision.

2. No students should enter the coaches’ or visitors’ locker room without a coach’s permission

3. Note that the visitors’ locker room will also double as the female staff’s locker room.


Student Locker Room:

1. All students must purchase a lock in order to obtain a locker.

2. Students will be expected to put all their belongings in their locker.

3. Belongings left outside a locker will be confiscated; the lockers are very large and are expected to be used for all of a student’s belongings. Students will pay a $5 fine to claim their belongings.

4. Students must apply for an athletic locker by filling out a locker request form for Mr. Conlin.

5. Tall lockers will only be issued to students who can justify the need for the extra space.

6. Horseplay or “messing around” will not be tolerated in the Firebird Fieldhouse.

7. Students are expected to respect the facility; close lockers without kicking!

8.  This is a “NO FOOD OR DRINK ZONE.”

10. The large open area at the South End is a team space where meetings may occur.


Athletic/Maintenance Storage/Kitchen:

1. No student may enter any of these areas without staff supervision.



1. The elevator is only to be used with permission and is not for regular student use.


Lobby Area: 

1. This lobby area will be the main area where students will wait for rides and late buses following their practices.

2. There is food and drink allowed in this area.

3. During basketball games and other events, the concession stand/ticket window will be used.

4. The back doors in this area are an emergency exit only.

5. The ladies’ room is for ladies only; STUDENTS MAY NEVER USE THE LADIES ROOM DURING PRACTICES.


Chapman Arena/Stage:

1. Only CLEAN sneakers are permitted on the Chapman Arena floor.

2. Students may never be in the Chapman Arena unsupervised.

3. There is no food or drink permitted in the Chapman Arena.

4. Violation of these rules will have serious consequences.

5. This area may also be used for events such as student dances, craft fair, school assemblies, etc.

6. The athletic office and official’s locker room is for staff and official use only. No student may enter this area without staff supervision.