Parent Policies Related to Fundraising and Community Building

Positive parent support for our athletic programs is very much appreciated and one of the keys to our success. Often times, teams will desire to purchase t-shirts or additional warm up gear, organize fundraising activities, or have post game dinners during the season.

We ask that all parents and coaches adhere to the following:

1.     Any team wanting to create a gear store for our players and families to purchase additional athletic gear must have approval from the athletic director. Please contact Mr. Conlin with any ideas for additional gear.

2.     Any team that would like to have a post-game or post practice “pasta party” or dinner gathering, the dining hall at HGP is the preferred location. Parents and coaches organizing these events should contact Mr. Conlin for scheduling. It is recommended that these events do not exceed 3 times during an athletic season as our students have academic commitments, part time jobs and other responsibilities that they need to fulfill after a game. If a team should make the district or state playoffs, team meals will be planned accordingly through the athletic office if necessary.

3.     All fundraising ideas require permission from the Office of Institutional Advancement and the Athletic Office. Parents with ideas regarding fundraising should contact Mr. Conlin prior to any fundraising activity.