Campus Ministry & Service


Holy Ghost Prep's Campus Ministry is a mainstream organization that unites the Holy Ghost community spiritually. Mr. Mark Whartenby is the head of Campus Ministry. Student leaders encourage other students to become closer to Jesus in all aspects of their lives. With the Spiritans - the Holy Ghost Fathers - as a model for us, we strive to have one heart and mind in Christ. We work under our mission statement below and by our school's motto:

"Cor Unum Et Anima Una"

Campus Ministry consists of members of the Holy Ghost Preparatory community who strive to promote a sense of spirituality and Christian character among the student body, faculty, and the entire Holy Ghost community. We represent the community as spiritual leaders in our commitment to God, Christ, and the Christian way of life. Campus Ministry emphasizes respect and fellowship among all members of the school community and encourages the growth of each person's unique relationship with God. Campus Ministry seeks to engage all members in the Holy Ghost community through the ministries of word, worship, service, and community, as we grow in living our lives in accord with Christ's greatest commandment:

"To love God above all and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves."