Reopening Ghost

Health and Safety and In-Person Education   

Holy Ghost Prep is taking comprehensive measures to support the health and well-being of our community. Our number one priority is the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff, and school. Each of us has a critical role to play, and we need everyone to adopt a truly Spiritan approach - “for you, for others, for HGP” - to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 in our community.

As part of this approach, we will work together to reduce the risk by following these four essential pillars: 

  • Six feet social distancing
  • Cloth face coverings
  • Personal hygiene
  • Self-monitoring of symptoms with a strict stay-at-home policy for those who are sick 

While health and safety are the first priority, we also know that in-person education is best. To balance the importance of health and safety with the in-person education, we will start the year with the Hybrid Ghost program (HG), our 50-50 hybrid model that combines in-person teaching with online learning. 

In the future, our intention is to transition to having everyone back on campus, together, but we have decided to employ this tiered approach toward reopening that has proven successful in the private sector. 

Because the situation is fluid, we have built a system that is flexible and nimble and therefore can effectively operate in all health and safety scenarios: Hybrid Ghost program (HG), a fully on-campus model, and Ghost Online 3.0.

Click here to view the HGP COVID-19 Policies and Recommendations.

Holy Ghost Prep has established this website as the primary source of information about our plans to reopen the school in August 2020. Our plans are provided here. The communications timeline can also be found on this site. Please return to this site frequently as information will be updated often and further details will be provided.