Frederico Student Investment Program

Holy Ghost Prep students on Wall Street: Investing their time wisely
William Doherty


Holy Ghost Prep students on Wall Street: Investing their time wisely

A group of 10 Holy Ghost Prep rising seniors recently traveled to New York City and met with Wall Street executives as part of their summer finance course.

The course, taught by Tom Murtaugh, combines in-class lectures and class trips, the latter of which allows Holy Ghost students the opportunity to learn high finance from experts in the field.

The 10 Holy Ghost students enrolled in Murtaugh’s summer finance class are Mario Calderon, William Chapin, Alexander D'Angelo, Brendan Gibbons, Nkosi Graham, Reagan McKissick, Patrick Monaghan, Kevin Morrison, Jack Rittenmeyer, and Christopher Thompson.

The summer finance course assists senior economics students in learning the skills necessary to manage the Frank Frederico ’00 Student Investment Fund. Dominic Frederico, the CEO of Assured Guaranty, donated $25,000 to establish the Frank Frederico ’00 Student Investment Fund, a fund which the students in this finance course and other AP Economics students manage as fiduciaries. This is the third year that the course is running, and the Class of 2018 was able to earn the Frederico Investment Fund a 9% return on investment in the past seven months.

The Class of 2019 students recently took a three-day visit in New York City, meeting with financial experts and HGP alumni. Students enjoyed lunch with Dominic Frederico, the man who started the Frank Frederico ’00 Student Investment Fund. Students also met with Andrew Romano ’99 a financial advisor at Strategies for Wealth. In addition, the students toured the Morgan Library and Museum established by the world’s most famous financier, J.P. Morgan. The students received a campus tour and met personally with Michael Dahlgren '10, a Fordham admissions counselor and one of Murtaugh’s former students. The HGP students also met with James DeLuca ’11, founder of the start-up company Inkwiry, a personal financial planning tool.

Students were provided with a guided tour of Lower Manhattan’s financial district and were treated to the gold vault tour at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where more gold is kept in one place than any other place on Earth. Students also had time to take in Shakespeare in the Park’s performance of Othello

The summer finance students will be meeting with two other financial experts in the Philadelphia area in July.

“Meeting with Mr. Frederico is always students highlight of our New York visit,” says Murtaugh. “He always has a positive message for the students so they can achieve a meaningful and successful life.”