First Steps

Below are steps that you can take now to join the team.

  1. Read through this introduction letter, which is addressed to all students and parents: LINK TO PDF
  2. Each student needs to fill out all personal information in the Google Form located here: LINK
  3. Once the form has been completed, each student will be contacted within a few days. They will be given what next steps they need to take, and when/if they can start meeting with the team.

While you wait for login information, all email addresses added to the form will be registered with our mailing list. You can always unsubscribe later if you need to do so.

Requirements to Join

  • You must be a current, or incoming, student at HGP, VJM, or Nazareth Academy.
  • You should be interested in robotics/engineering/computer science. No prior experience required.
  • You can not be currently failing a class.

Contact Information for Questions/Concerns

Any questions can be directed to the head coach, Mr. Brandon Petcaugh, at his email address here