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2018-19 HGP Robotics Season Recap

Robotics began at HGP at the start of the 2018-19 school year with four teams and 15 students. The brand-new HGP Robotics team ended that season with two trophies, and finished in second place at the state championship. During that season, the program experienced a lot of growth and a lot of success. By season's end, the team had 35 students, and competed with eight different robots at the PA Eastern State Championship. Here are some of the awards the team earned thatseason:

242Z - Judges Award, Sportsmanship Award (x2)
242D - Robot Skills
242B - Build Award
242A - Tournament Champions, Amaze Award

EVENT: PA State Championship

The event last weekend had numerous problems, from a snow delay to hours of technical issues, but at the end of the day the team had some notable accomplishments. Out of 86 teams, we had three of our teams in the top 20, and #242A ended the day in 4th place. Five of our teams qualified for the elimination rounds, and #242A made it to the Quarter Finals (one win away from a ticket to the world championship). See below for some of our awards. [#242B won the Build Award, for a well-crafted robot, but are not pictured because they were not present to accept the award.]
#242A won the Amaze Award, for building an "amazing, well rounded and top performing robot"
#242Z won the Sportsmanship Award, for being "courteous, helpful, respectful" and "demonstrating excitement and enthusiasm throughout the event"


What Happens Next?
The HGP Robotics team has several events in the off-season. We will be hosting programming and CAD lessons for the team in the next few weeks. The #242A and #242D teams will be participating in the U S. Open Robotics Championship in early April, and that event will be webcast (a link will be sent out). The World Championship is taking place in Louisville, Kentucky at the end of April, after which we will begin building for the next challenge. Finally, there is also a plan to host team-building activities over the next several months. Stay tuned, and thanks for all of your support over the course of the season! Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments that you might have.

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