Team History

Team Overview

We are Team #242: The Firebirds! The team currently consists of HGP students from all grades, and we have also invited students to join us from Villa Joseph Marie and Nazareth Academy. On this team we emphasize the engineering design process, and teach students how to apply that skill to the creation/programming of a competitive robot. Our team is broken up into groups of 5 students, who each design/build/program their own robot. We utilize the VEX Robotics platform, and program using their VEXcode IDE, which is built as a library onto the C++ programming language. Students who join the team do not need any prior robotics experience (although that always helps) -- we are simply looking for individuals who are excited to learn this skill and to be a part of the team. The team was formed during the 2017-2018 season, and has since participated in the state championship every season, and have been invited to the world championship on three separate occasions. We have acquired over 30 trophies during that time, for various achievements, and are looking for students who want to help contribute to this winning tradition.

2021-22 HGP Robotics Season Recap

The team this year consisted of over 30 HGP and VJM students. The students started building robots in the VEX Robotics summer course, and continued all the way through March. We competed in 4 different tournaments, and took home three different awards: the Judges Award, the Amaze Award, and Robot Skills Champion. Team 242F, a group of freshmen, were the highest ranked team this year, and ended the season  at 17th place in the state. We were also invited to compete at the Robotics World Championship, where the team ended with a record of 3-7 in Dallas, Texas, competing alongside 1000 other teams from around the world. What an amazing season!

2018-19 HGP Robotics Season Recap

Robotics began at HGP at the start of the 2018-19 school year with four teams and 15 students. The brand-new HGP Robotics team ended that season with two trophies, and finished in second place at the state championship. During that season, the program experienced a lot of growth and a lot of success. By season's end, the team had 35 students, and competed with eight different robots at the PA Eastern State Championship. Here are some of the awards the team earned that season: