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Sixth Grade Practice Exam Online Application 2023

The test is on Saturday, February 25, 2023

(1) Some elements on this form are required, please be sure to complete these items.  Please complete as many sections as possible.

(2) There is a $60 fee associated with applying to Holy Ghost Prep.  You will need a credit card to pay this fee.

(3) If you have trouble with the online application, please contact the admissions office at 215-639-0811.

Please note: In the event that circumstances prevent this test from taking place in February 2023, HGP will:

(1) make every effort to provide an online, at-home option

(2) provide a refund for any student unable to take the test due to a cancellation or change.

For parent information, you must complete some of the fields in order to continue.  In some cases, it will be appropriate to type "stay at home" or "not currently employed."  You can repeat these phrases in the appropriate fields if necessary.


Additional Information or questions may be emailed to admissions@holyghostprep.org

or Contact the Admissions Office


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