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Final ecology projects "put it all together"
Final ecology projects "put it all together"

Final ecology projects “put it all together”

The end of senior year can be a flurry of activity.  In Beth Bruno’s ecology class, the flurry revolves around the final project.  After a semester of examining Holy Ghost as a business, the human impact on climate, the working of the oceans and the atmosphere, farming and soil, the need for water and mining minerals, the students are asked to find a way to “put it all together.”  

In these final projects, the students are required to use their knowledge of the working of HGP, their time at HGP to take something normally thrown away and make it useful, and to ultimately make something useful for HGP.  There are no other restrictions, after approval of the project.

“My intent is to make the students aware of how much and how readily we throw things away,” says Bruno. “There are always clever and interesting projects, but this year has some unique projects.”

Thanks to Bruno’s current class, Holy Ghost Prep has been gifted two lovely planters with the school seal, a cleat cleaner to be given to the Firebird Fieldhouse, and a side table made completely from the hockey team’s broken sticks. In addition, but not a visually interesting, is paper studying the possibility of putting a green roof on the new STEM Tower.