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Honors Convocation celebrates some of HGP's best and brightest
Honors Convocation celebrates some of HGP's best and brightest

Honors Convocation celebrates some of HGP’s best and brightest

Many of Holy Ghost Prep’s best and brightest students in the Classes of 2019, 2020, and 2021 were recognized at the school’s Honors Convocation on May 29.

In addition to a slew of academic awards and inductions into honor societies for excellence in world languages, mathematics, English and science, a series of scholarships and prestigious prizes were presented over the course of the evening.

Tony Carbino ’19 received the Downey Scholarship, a half-tuition scholarship that is presented to a member of the current junior class who best exhibits a blend of academic ability, a sound work ethic, and a strong school spirit. The recipient fully supports and practices the Catholic beliefs and values taught at Holy Ghost Prep. 

Patrick Byrnes ’19 was presented with the Marx Scholarship, a $6,500 scholarship which is awarded to a member of the current junior class of Holy Ghost Prep who demonstrates leadership, a sound academic ability, and a commitment to giving back to HGP. This scholarship is named in memory of Frank Marx, a brilliant young man who died tragically at the age of 21 back in 2004. 

Nicholas Evans ’19 received the Flynn Scholarship which is presented to a member of the current junior class of Holy Ghost Prep who best demonstrates an adventurous spirit, a sense of independence, a sound academic ability, service to the school community, and physical and athletic rigor. 

T.J. Butler ’20 was awarded the Clare McGovern-Warning Scholarship (in memory of St. Katherine Drexel), given to a current sophomore who demonstrates a love of God, demonstrated by a willingness to use personal resources for others; a faithful regard of religious obligations; a diligence towards schoolwork; assumption of family responsibilities; efforts to reach out to people different than himself; efforts to embracing all members of the school community. 

E.J. Pohl ’21 received the Class of 1979 Scholarship which is presented to a member of the current freshman class of Holy Ghost Prep who demonstrates leadership, a sound academic ability, some financial need and a commitment to giving back to HGP.  The Class of 1979 Scholarship is funded through a commitment of HGP graduates from that year.  The scholarship is $2,500 per year.

Connor Gallagher ’21 won the National Honor Society Scholarship, while William Krohn ’19 was chosen as the National Art Honor Society Scholarship winner.

 In addition, the following awards were presented at Holy Ghost’s Honors Convocation on May 29:

The Harvard University Book Prize (awarded to an outstanding junior year student selected by the faculty of each participating high school, based on academic excellence, exceptional personal qualities and significant contribution to school or community): Albert Johnston-Ramirez ’19

The George Washington Book Award (recognizes high school students who embody the GW drive and spirit, specifically with their academic excellence, leadership outside of the classroom, diversity of thought, and ability to put knowledge into action): Tony Carbino ’19

Bausch and Lomb Science Award: Thomas Barbaro ’19

Rensselaer Medal: Keegan Pietrak ’19

American Chemical Society Award: Henry Glunz ’19

Excellence in Art Awards: Henry Glunz ’19, Andrew Iannacone ’19, Zeyao Jiang ’19, William Krohn ’19, Schuyler Cauley ’20, John Keating ’20. John Nycz ’20, Matthew Spinelli ’20, Gabriel Hackman ’21, Michael Keddie ’21, Jon Nieto ’21, Adam Verga ’21

Excellence in Religion Awards: Tony Carbino ’19, Hajir Likaj ’19, Connor McGill ’19, Ryan Power ’19, Sean Elliott ’20, Matthew Spinelli ’20, Mathew Stauffer ’20, Matthew Watanabe ’20, Christopher Gasiewski ’21, Michael Keddie ’21, John Schoeder ’21, Maguire Sholette ’21

Excellence in Social Studies Awards: Tony Carbino ’19, William Krohn ’19, Andrew Plunkett ’19, Alexander Taylor ’19, Daniel Behr ’20, Louis DeLuna ’20, Colton El-Habr ’20, Henry Fina ’20, Joseph Noto ’21, Anthony Padula ’21, Maguire Sholette ’21, Kyle Stone ’21

Excellence in English Awards: Matthew Burst ’19, Thomas Forkin ’19, Keegan Pietrak ’19, Aiden Schmidt’19, Daniel Behr ’20, Louis DeLuna ’20, Colton El-Habr ’20, Matthew Watanabe ’20, Jake Marek ’21, Jack McDermott ’21, Anthony Padula ’21, Kyle Stone ’21

Excellence in Science Awards: Thomas Barbaro ’19, Andrew Beck ’19, Daniel Kovacevich ’19, Keegan Pietrak ’19, Daniel Behr ’20, Sean Elliott ’20, Sean Parsons ’20, Justin Gabriele ’21, Connor Gallagher ’21, Jack McDermott ’21, Anthony Padula ’21.

Excellence in Music Awards: Patrick Byrnes ’19, Matthew Davies ’19, Jeffrey DiFrancesco ’19, Albert-Johnston Ramirez ’19, Joseph Dryden ’20, Ryan Fitzpatrick ’20, Benjamin Gollmer ’20, Matthew Stauffer ’20, Sean Costigan ’21, Brandon Dorsey ’21, Jonathan Pinkstone ’21, Andrew Zubyk ’21.

Excellence in Computer Science Awards: James Castner ’19, Andrew Pflaumer ’19, Benjamin Scuron ’19, Sean Smith ’19, Aidan Bell ’20.

Excellence in Mathematics Awards: Thomas Barbaro ’19, Andrew Beck ’19, Nicholas Evans ’19, John Gasiewski ’19, John Boyle ’20, Colton El-Habr ’20, Henry Fina ’20, Krishna Mysore ’20, Nicholas Braun ’21, Brandon Dorsey ’21, Jake Marek ’21, Shrikanth Srenivasan ’21.

Excellence in French Awards: John Horgan and James Littley (level one); Matthew McGrath and John Nycz (level two); Andrew Beck and Tony Carbino (level three)

Excellence in Latin Awards: Syed Naqvi and Jared Seehusahai (level one); Samuel Hicks and Matthew Stauffer (level two); Matthew Burst and Andrew Pflaumer (level three)

Excellence in Spanish Awards: Connor Gallagher, Jack McDermott, Joseph Noto, and Kyle Stone (level one); Daniel Behr, Sean Elliott, Ryan Henry, and Tomas Vallejo (level two); John Burke, Louis DeLuna, Liam Hart, and Matthew Watanabe (level three).