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Indoor T & F 2013-14

Last Chance Meet is ON! Check Website Lineup for Transportation Info! SPIKES SHOULD BE WORN!1/4" PYRAMID
Despite school closings, the Last Chance Meet is ON! Meet management believes at this time that it will NOT be cancelled. We hope to have everyone available to come and compete! Set up rides/transportation and then do homework! DO NOT get/be/stay behind academically -- we need rested athletes who are on top of their academic responsibilities as we move to the Meet of Champs and State Championships!
Posted Friday 02/14/14 9:45 AM
HGP overcomes Peddie with 4x400m Relay win: 46-40
Congratulations to our scorers, tangible and intangible, for making our scoring dual meet vs. the Peddie School a tough fought WIN! Special kudos to our scorers who carried the bulk of the load! One less third place and the meet is tied! One less second place and we lose the meet! We only won three events: the 1600, 800, and 400, and yet we won the meet! Despite losing the other six events! Great team effort! And many letters were won, too, while setting life-time personal bests! Woohoo! Check updated letter list for 2013-14 posted here.
Posted Thursday 02/06/14 8:42 AM
Kevin Dare Invite WOW! Are you ready to allow yourself a personal best?
With the cooperation and hard work of our athletes, the 2013-14 Holy Ghost Prep Indoor Track & Field Team has begun to rumble! The percentage of personal best performances was incredible! 14 of 18 athletes had lifetime bests in at least one of their events! Accounting for surgeries, that over 80%! Work with the coaches toward success! Fear not the temporary pain and allow yourself to make lasting memories! It is fun to run fast, throw or jump far or high!
Posted Monday 01/27/14 10:55 AM
Time to Focus!

It's exam week -- and that means proper preparation and dedication to your academic and athletic commitments! Study when and where possible, but make your study break a track & field practice!

Lineup for January 18th's meet at Haverford to be posted by Wednesday. Proposed invitees to January 25th's Penn State Kevin Dare High School Invitational here. All athletes compete at the Thursday, January 30th, scoring dual meet at the Peddie School. Probable non-scorers can choose their events! Note that there is no long jump, triple jump, or pole vault though. The 4x200m Relay, the Distance Medley Relay, and Matt Creekmore in the Pole Vault will compete at the Poreda Invitational at the Lawrenceville School on Wednesday, January 29th.

We are approaching the end of the semester and the end of the season....are you working yourself appropriately for both?  

Posted Monday 01/13/14 9:04 AM
How are you doing? Your teammates? Do you really know?
Check our Track & Field database! See how you are doing and see how your teammates are doing! Visit it here. You will need to login with your EHGP username and password. For some of you, it is the same username and password as your powerschool account; others may have changed it in the past. Contact Coach Meistering with questions.
Posted Saturday 01/04/14 6:04 PM
SNOW and January 3rd practice cancelled! Verify Saturday's lineup!
Due to snow AGAIN, Friday morning's practice has been cancelled. We hope to go to Saturday's meet at Haverford, as listed in Meet Lineups in Resources below. Please verify your attendance at Saturday's meet and if you need school transportation. Thank you in advance for your cooperation during this trying weather time at the end of the holiday break.
Posted Thursday 01/02/14 8:27 PM
TFCAofGP Meet #3 January 4th @ Haverford
Lineup has been posted below and was updated tonight. Please be sure that you know that your relay members are coming. A confirmation email is requested from all relay members. Remember, there are no substitutions! Be responsible and communicate! Transportation requests must be made before 5pm on Friday. 
Posted Thursday 01/02/14 8:23 PM





A draft lineup was posted earlier this week. Changes are possible, as athletes may be entered in up to four events and there is no limit on the number of athletes that can be entered per event. All changes must be approved by Coach Meistering. Please do not change on your own without proper communication.

If issues due to weather, information will be posted here. Note that if the meet is cancelled, we will have practice at HGP at 2pm instead.

Start the year with a workout! Resolve in 2014 to always do something positive for your physical well-being!

Posted Wednesday 01/01/14 12:00 AM
Due to weather ocncerns, the TFCAofGP Meet at Lehigh University has been CANCELLED. See their website http://www.tfcaofgp.org to view the announcement if you like.
Posted Saturday 12/14/13 1:21 AM
Athlete Communication and Planning needs to improve!

Meet lineups are posted as soon as enough information is available to compose such. Athletes are entered according to each meet's team and individual goals given existing depth charts, i.e. prior recorded performances. See revised meet lineup below in the resource folder Meet Lineups. Remember to read! Transportation is only provided for those who request it early, not the night before the meet!

Athletes need to review the posted meet and practice schedule with their parents and then the athlete should work out potential conflicts with Coach Meistering. Always plan well to get enough rest  to stay healthy! God, family and academic responsibities come before track and field, but athletes need to not have much else ahead so that you can further explore your athletic talents!

We need to improve from this first meet! Communicate, prepare, plan! Study, rest, drink fluids and stay healthy! Do you want to be a successful student athlete, don't you?

Posted Thursday 12/12/13 6:21 PM
Peddie Scrimmage CANCELLED
Due to snow, the scrimmage is cancelled. Within 24 hours, there will be a lineup posted for Saturday, December 14th at Lehigh. Note that the meet is early in the morning and does not interfere with the Charity Ball, although an afternoon nap might be recommended....
Posted Tuesday 12/10/13 10:11 AM
Our competitive season begins! And so does the Snow!
Despite the weather, as other top teams do, we continue our development as best we can given the conditions. We hope to compete tomorrow night in the Peddie Scrimmage. See lineup below. If issues with weather on Tuesday, check here on the website for information regarding any postponements or cancellations. Lineups for the next two Saturdays to be posted on Wednesday. Get ahead academically! Be ready to excel!  
Posted Monday 12/09/13 1:28 PM
Prepare to Excel!
Daily practice will yield fantastic physical conditioning! But that only matters if you are not only an athlete, but also a competitor! AND not only a student, but also a successful one! Manage your life to meet your athletic and academic responsibilities, while still keeping God and Family first! Practice well to compete well! Dress warmly....it is winter and we do practice outside...
Posted Wednesday 11/20/13 12:58 PM

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