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AP Computer Science A

AP Review Books Link Posted
In Useful Links below in the Resources section, there is now a link to recommended review books for AP Computer Science A. All students should have the Barron's review book, written by a former AP test writer, and be working through it throughout the months of February and March. Other review books are available and may further help students with test practice.
Posted Monday 03/24/14 1:16 PM
GridWorld Work
Fix the bugs you wrote for the last quiz and be certain of the why and not just the how. Write a critter following the rules of GridWorld. Use any resources you find online, including the College Board's website and http://www.horstmann.com/gridworld/gridworld-manual.html. Be creative with your idea of what the critter will do, but NOT with the code. Follow the rules for classes and inheritance!
Posted Sunday 03/16/14 7:27 PM
Free Response Work
In preparation for the final exam, please try to do at least one question completely. Extra credit will be given for those who complete more. The questions are located here.
Posted Thursday 05/16/13 2:24 PM
AP Scores Note

 The College Board will no longer be mailing AP scores in July to students. Instead, scores will be delivered online. Students, however, need to register to receive their scores. The link for registering is below:


Posted Wednesday 03/06/13 9:16 AM
Month Long Coding and Quizzing Practice Push Begins
The final section of the course involves direct preparation for the AP exam through project coding and review, as well as frequent quizzing on topics covered in class. The GridWorld case study is a primary focus, as is the preparation suggested by the Barron's AP Review book for Computer Science. Those students not staying on top of their work sufficiently through use of the review book outside of and/or during class may find themselves with precipitous drops in grades until they rectify their preparation in line with the requirements of the AP test.
Posted Thursday 03/24/11 8:53 AM
10 minute Method Quizzes coming soon....
Students should have been practicing writing methods as discussed and shown in class, so now that sufficient time has been given, it is time to show your stuff! Quizzes are coming! See Methods to Know under useful links below.
Posted Thursday 12/02/10 10:00 AM
Review Session Scheduled
On Sunday, May 2, from 1:00pm until ? students in AP Computer Science A are invited to attend a review session in the Corwells Computer Lab in preparation for the AP Exam. A pizza lunch will be provided. Attendance is recommended. Entry will be through the faculty parking lot entrance at 1pm. Late arrivals need to call Mr. Meistering's cell phone 267-304-2400 to be admitted after 1pm.
Posted Friday 04/30/10 10:09 AM
Review Book and Review Availability
The Barron's review book for the course is excellent. However, it only helps if you use it and do the practice problems! Mr. Meistering is available numerous free periods in the computer lab during the day for extra review preparation, for short periods by appointment after school, and for evening or weekend review by appointment.
Posted Thursday 04/22/10 12:19 PM
Case Study: Grid World
Grid World should be read in its entirety by now. There will still be a few classes to go over pertinent topics, but students that have not read the narrative at least twice will most likely fail the exam due to their own laziness.
Posted Thursday 04/22/10 12:16 PM
Take Home test due
The multiple choice take home test is due Monday, April 26. Students need to be prepared to randomly explain any answer the following day to keep the option for full credit available.
Posted Thursday 04/22/10 12:14 PM

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