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2013-2014 HGP Donor Honor Roll

The Holy Ghost Preparatory School is appreciative for the support of donors who make our many accomplishments possible.

The list below is in grateful recognition of the individuals, foundations, corporations, and friends who contributed to the Holy Ghost Fund between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014.

Thank you for your continued support. 


President’s Club $1,500+

ACE INA FoundationMargiotti and Kroll Pediatrics, PC
Aramark CorporationDr. and Mrs. Gerard A. Margiotti, Jr. '74
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Assenmacher '86Mr. Francis Marx
Assured GuarantyFr. Christopher McDermott, C.S.Sp.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas BarbeMr. Michael Meistering
Mr. James A. BortzMr. and Mrs. John Menno
Bravo FoundationMileStone Bank
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Brennan, Jr.Murray, Devine & Co., Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. BrennanMr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Murray
Bristol-Myers SquibbMr. and Mrs. Anthony Naccarato '84
Dr. Joseph F. Ciecko '79Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Nucera '89
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Clark, Jr. '89O’Donnell & Naccarato
Coca Cola RefreshmentsOffice Depot
Cumberland Ear Nose & ThroatPhiladelphia Insurance Companies
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. DamianiPNC Foundation Matching Gift Center
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. FernandezMr. and Mrs. Karl L. Prior
Dr. and Mrs. Francis T. Ferry '70Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Quinlan '71
FMC CorporationMs. Madelyn Reilly
Francis J. Marx V Memorial FundMr. Neil Roach '85
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Gallagher '72Rob's Automotive and Collison Center, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gannon '75Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roche
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Geonnotti, Jr. '76Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sargent
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Glemser '79Reverend John A. Sawicki '75
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Graffy '82Seravalli, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Guarrieri, Esq. '70Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Seravalli
Henkels FoundationMr. and Mrs. John Seravalli
HGP Fathers' AssociationMr. and Mrs. Michael A. Smith '94
HGP Mothers' GuildMr. and Mrs. Gerald Stahlecker '83
Holt Logistics Corp.Mr. and Mrs. Igor Tutko
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Holt, Jr. '81Tyco
Holy Ghost Prep Friends of ForensicsVanguard
Mr. and Mrs. Paul HorganViroPharma
Janney Montgomery Scott LLCWaste Management
Mr. Lawrence KeeleyMr. and Mrs. Robert Watters '81
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth KoreyvaWells Fargo
Mr. Ronald Yake and Ms. Mary T. McSorley
Dr. and Mrs. Russell Macaluso, M.D. '76

Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Manetas, Jr. 


1703 Society $1,000-$1,499

Mr. and Mrs. John Appolonia '82Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Mycka '82
Mr. and Mrs. John Ciecka '73Mr. Michael O'Toole and Ms. Mary Lou Castaldi
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. DowdMr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Ryan '71
Dr. and Mrs. Brian G. FirthMs. Catherine Rzepela
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Geruson '79Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Savage '82
Mr. and Mrs. Francisco J. GilMr. and Mrs. Larry Scheetz, Jr. '98
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Glowacki '79Mr. and Mrs. Eric G. Schiela '86
Mr. and Mrs. Brian HessenthalerMr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Selvaggi '79
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kardish '79TC Group-The Carlyle Group Wealth Sharing Program
Mr. and Mrs. John D. LeonardMr. and Mrs. Anthony Viscariello
Mr. Thomas Mahoney and Ms. Kathleen MeriwetherMr. and Mrs. Stephen Whiteman


One Heart & One Mind Society $500-$999 

Mr. Mark Adelsberger '70Mr. and Mrs. William E. Butler '85
Mr. and Mrs. Domenic J. Alcaro '83Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cascone
Dr. Paul BizzaroMr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Chapman '93
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Brogan '72Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Clay '76
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bryson IIIMr. and Mrs. Gerald Manna
Mr. Martin J. Connor, Jr.Medtronic Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DaleMr. and Mrs. Charles P. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. D'Arcangelo '71Mr. and Mrs. Karl K. New '79
Mr. Peter J. Davis '71Novo Nordisk
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher DesmondFr. James Okoye C.S.Sp.
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey DiPaolo '79Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Perna
Mr. Eugene DiPretoroMr. Joseph Pfender
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. DolcePhilip Rosenau Company, Inc.
Dow Jones and CompanyRev. Christopher P. Promis '64
Mr. James Duffy '95Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Duke Energy FoundationMr. and Mrs. Francis J. Rauch '79
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Flynn '63Mr. and Mrs. Donald Roberts
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Foster '77Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Rose '75
Friends of Neshaminy H. S. Class of 66Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Saltzman '95
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan GibbonsMr. and Mrs. Ernest Schoellkopff '79
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hillock, Jr.Mrs. Joan Schott
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Holdren '99Mr. Edwin G. Sheppard, Jr. '02
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keddie III '87Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Smith, Jr. '70
Mr. Steven KesterMr. and Mrs. Stephen Stunder III '98
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen KettelbergerMr. and Mrs. Norris Turner
Mr. Jonathan Liney '88Verizon Foundation
Mr. Stephen LippincottVMware Foundation
Mr. Daniel F. Maley '07Mr. and Mrs. Bryan P. Walsh '93
Mr. and Jeffrey Mann 
Mr. and Mrs. John Buettler '64 


Cornwells Society $250-$499 

Mr. Ryan T. Abramson '94Mr. and Mrs. James Kling
Mr. and Mrs. James J. AdamsMr. Paul C. LaPlante, Jr. '07
Mr. Daniel Ahern and Ms. Kathleen CoonMr. and Mrs. Henri Marcel
Bank of AmericaMr. and Mrs. Robert Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Markus Barone '85Mr. and Mrs. Gamaliel Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Blaston '70McGillin Architecture, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James T. BrittMr. and Mrs. Thomas M. McManus '86
Mr. and Mrs. Jay CreekmoreMr. and Mrs. James A. McTague '67
Rev. Jeffrey Duaime, C.S.Sp. '76Mr. Donald T. Meier '95
Mr. Stan Elias '86Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Murphy '69
Mr. and Mrs. James Esposito '97Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Naccarato
Mr. and Mrs. Camilo Ferrandez '85Mr. and Mrs. Damian Nicastro
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gdovin '03Mr. Robert Palermo and Ms. Milagros Perez-Paler
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gdovin, Sr.Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pereira
Mr. Matthew W. Gibson '08Mr. Michael G. Phinney '01
Mr. and Mrs. David R. GorrellMs. Patty Posey
Mr. Brian Gossner '97Quintiles Transitional Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Gramlich '98Mr. Richard and Dr. Kathleen Shaginaw '70
Mr. Richard Haggerty Jr. '97Mr. Stephen T. Shandor '79
Mr. John HalpinMr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Sharkey
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher HeinemanMr. and Mrs. Stefan Siwiecki '02
Mr. and Mrs. James Helhowski '72Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Slattery '69
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Holmes, Jr. '84Mr. and Mrs. John Spera, Jr. '97
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. IulianoMr. and Mrs. James H. Stewart, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John E. IwasykTIAA-CREF
Mr. and Mrs. James A. KalmesMr. and Mrs. Gary P. Tretina
Mr. and Mrs. David E. KasperowiczMr. Edmund A. Walsh '95
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. KernsDr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Witkowski '76
Mr. and Mrs. James Kerrigan '88Mr. Lee F. Zukowski '06


Friends of the Mission $100-249

Ms. Jessica AllenMr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Mara
Association of American Hockey League Booster ClubsMr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Matheis
Mr. and Mrs. James Babst Jr.Ms. Margaret McCaleb
Mr. and Mrs. Robert BauerMr. and Mrs. James J. McCrane IV '02
Mr. Walter BeerMr. and Mrs. William McCue
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Bernacki III '97Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. McKenna '69
Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Blizard '95Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Menna III '70
Ms. Denise BoutinMr. and Mrs. Craig Menta
Dr. Thomas P. Brennan '03Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Mr. Bronne J. Bruzgo '06Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mier
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Burton '81Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mizgerd
Mr. and Mrs. James Burtt '67Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morgan '88
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Butch '96Dr. and Mrs. Richard Mshomba
Mr. Raymond BuzekMr. and Mrs. Scott Muller
Mr. and Mrs. Martin G. ByrneMr. and Mrs. Gerald Murphy
Mr. Andrew Callaghan '08Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Murphy, Jr. '84
Ms. Simona CampbellMrs. Linda Musial
Capital OneMr. Vijay Muthumalal
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Carley '74Mr. and Mrs. Tom Navin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. CarradoMr. and Mrs. John Neary, Jr. '96
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Chapman '71Nicoletti Hockey Complex
Mr. and Mrs. David CharlesMs. Donna Nord
Mr. Patrick Clapp '90Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Paccapaniccia
Mr. John B. Connor, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Richard Patrick
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Cridge '86Ms. Susan Penfield
Mr. and Mrs. Michael DavisMr. and Mrs. James G. Pirolli
Mr. and Mrs. Michael DecembrinoMr. Anthony J. Pontarelli '07
Mr. John Di Paolo '87PPL
Mr. Mark DonohueMr. and Mrs. James Quigley
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. DoughertyMr. Thomas M. Ricchezza '04
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Duaime, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Riccio '93
Mr. Edward Elisio and Ms. Tricia ManningMr. and Mrs. Francis J. Rocco '85
Mr. and Mrs. John FilipowiczMr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Rosowski Sr.'80
Mr. Ryan J. Filipowicz '11Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Rudy '89
Mr. John G. Firth '02Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Sacco
Mr. and Mrs. James J. FrawleyMr. Steven Satzger
Mr. and Mrs. James A. GallagherMr. and Mrs. Edward F. Savage
Ms. Colleen Paparella GanjianMr. and Mrs. Kenneth V. Schott '81
Ms. Catherine GannonMr. Francis C. Seravalli '06
Mr. Vincent GiannettiMr. and Mrs. Bruce Simon
Mr. Jared GillMrs. Siobhan Sims
Mrs. Kathleen A. GregoryMr. and Mrs. Alexander P. Smallen '02
Mr. and Mrs. Robert HairhogerMr. and Mrs. Patrick Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Fran HarkinsDr. and Mrs. Chuck Spezzano '65
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. HoganMr. and Mrs. Stuart Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Brian HoranMr. Jason Swartwood '98
IBM K-12 Matching Grants Prog.Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Toczydlowski '69
Mr. and Mrs. Steven IvcicMr. and Mrs. Daniel Truxal '66
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. JacksonMr. and Mrs. James Viscusi '83
Ms. Jennifer JordanMr. Craig Vosburgh '85
Mr. Christopher E. Kalck '03Mr. and Mrs. Philip Wexler
Mr. David E. Kilcullen Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. White '96
Mrs. Merle KilcullenMs. Geraldine Whiteman
Mr. and Mrs. Drew R. Knasiak '74Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Wojciechowski
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. KovacevichMr. Jerome Yetsko
Ms. Kelly KrollMr. and Mrs. Michael A. Young
Mr. and Mrs. William LaCava '74Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Zalewski
Mr. Kevin Leonard '05Mr. Michael E. Zalewski '04
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Macclay 


The Firebird Club $1-$99 

AC Moore Inc. / CandD Power SystemsMr. and Mrs. James M. Lawler '67
Mr. Raymond Albright '98Mr. Charles Long '05
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew AusefskiMr. Nathaniel Lorence '10
Mr. and Mrs. Russell T. BakerMr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Lumpkin
Mr. and Mrs. Peter BlumMr. and Mrs. David Lyle
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Bogle '85Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lynch III '67
Mr. Patrick Bondiskey '11Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Major
Ms. Katie BorgesMr. and Mrs. Robert F. Marsteller Jr.
Mr. A. Raymond Bossert III '95Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. McGovern '02
Mr. Shawn M. Briggs '11Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McHenry '72
Ms. Mary Elizabeth BubenMr. and Mrs. Francis McNally
Mr. Justin A. Buzogany '11Merck Foundation for Giving
Mr. Stephen A. Buzogany '09Ms. Jane Merlano
Ms. Angela Christensen-BarkerMr. and Mrs. Charles Miller
Ms. Cara ChristianMr. and Mrs. Donald Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Conway '75Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. John R. CorriganMr. and Mrs. Stephen Morello
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Corrigan '92Mr. and Mrs. Francis Nick
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. CuskleyMr. and Mrs. W. Gerard Oleksiak '70
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Czarnecki '87Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Olivar
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent D'Andrea '99Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pandorf
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. DennisonMr. John Pearce III '10
Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne DentonMr. Alan Pine
Ms. Pamaela DiazMr. Alec Pirritano '12
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. DillonMr. and Mrs. Mark A. Pisauro
Mr. Robert T. Dominick '02Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Pitonyak
Ms. Charlene EnglertMr. Michael A. Podgorski '93
Ms. Elizabeth EricksonMs. Jean Prokop
Mr. Ronald FarrellMr. and Mrs. Angelo Quattrocchi '90
Mr. Jake Figaniak '13Mr. Michael Reilly, Jr. '07
Mr. Daniel C. Fitzgerald '01Mr. Joseph M. Rosowski Jr. '11
Mr. Ryan Foley '09Mr. Harry L. B. Royal, III '07
Mr. Kevin P. Frawley '08Mr. and Ms. Gregg Ruppersberger '94
Ms. Michelle GagnonMr. and Mrs. Michael Seminack
Mr. Niloofar GanjianMr. and Mrs. Martin Slomberg
Mr. and Mrs. Francis V. GentileMr. and Mrs. Keith Smeraglio
Mr. and Mrs. William A. GibsonMr. and Mrs. Gerard F. Smith '65
Ms. Annette GoughMr. David Smith III '96
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence GrebeMr. and Mrs. Frank M. Smith
Mr. Michael Griffin '96Dr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Smith '02
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Gubicza, Jr. '64Mr. Daniel E. Sweed '95
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas HadzickMr. and Mrs. David Thomas
Ms. Susan HamrickMr. and Mrs. Joseph Trovato
Mrs. Frances HeckrothMs. Alyssa Tumolo
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel HindleMr. and Mrs. John J. Tyburski
Honeywell International Charity MatchingUnited States Steel Foundation Inc.
Mr. and Joseph B. IffrigMr. and Mrs. Donald Varley
Mr. John IulianoMr. and Mrs. John Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin JarvisMs. Anne Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Leigh A. JonesMs. Emily Weberman and Mr. Brian Vincent
Mr. William JungersMr. John Paul M. Welsh '11
Dr. and Mrs. Edward S. KimballMr. Gump Whiteside
Ms. Marilyn KirklandMr. and Mrs. Gary Wisniewski
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Kniffin '95Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Young '91
Mr. Richard J. Krolikowski '71Ms. Mary Young
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. LachowiczMr. Todd H. Zuech '13
Ms. Margo Lampone 


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report and to include each donor who supported Holy Ghost Prep during fiscal year 2014.

If your name is misspelled, omitted or incorrectly listed, we sincerely apologize and hope you will let us know so that corrections can be made in future publications and in our records.

If you have questions or concerns,
please contact: 

                         Peter G. Manetas, Jr.                                             Alexis Gettings

  Executive Director                                            Director of Annual Giving
               of Advancement                                              and Alumni Engagement
             215-639-2102 x203                                               215-639-2102 x204
       pmanetas@holyghostprep.org                              agettings@holyghostprep.org


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