1. Why did HGP choose BYOD and not 1 to 1?

A 1 to 1 program is another type of school model.  A 1 to 1 program means that every student is required to have the exact same device. The economic feasibility of maintaining a 1 to 1 program along with the school's technology infrastructure would ultimately increase tuition and add technology fees.  HGP prefers not to force students and their families to spend money on devices not chosen by them.

Choosing one device does not allow the teaching and learning process to evolve, instead it locks us into one specific model.  With a BYOD program, we can be assured that teacers and students are comfortable with the proper device to accomplish teaching and learning objectives.  This model allows HGP to focus on the mssion of developing critical thinking skills.

2. If a student already owns a device, do they need a new one?

No, as long as the device is functioning properly and is able to meet the minimum hardware requirements, a student may use a device that he already owns.

3. Can I use a device with Mac OS?

HGP has a Windows-based infrustructure.  MacBooks are acceptable, however the student needs to be proficient in transitioning between the school's Windows-based network and Mac OS.

4.  Do I need to purchase any software such as Microsoft Office to use at HGP?

No.  Students will be provided with any software that they need in their classes.

5. Do students have access to power outlets throughout the day?

Yes, the library has over 70 outlets for students to utilize when working in that space. Outlets are also available throughout the buildings.  Students must bring their device’s power adapter if they would like to make use of the outlets.

6. What if a student’s device battery is out of power?

Students are expected to come to school each day with their devices fully charged and are expected to use their devices in a way that conserves power. Students should be sure to charge devices at regular intervals as needed.

7. What happens if a student's device is lost or stolen?

Students are responsible for their own device.  HGP recommends purchasing an extended warranty program for such cases.  HGP can provide loaner laptops while a student's device is being repaired or replaced.  Please reference the Student Handbook for the school's policy on the use of electronic equipment.

8. Does HGP filter students' web access?

Yes, internet access is restricted to only academic and educational websites.  HGP uses a Watchguard Firebox to protect the network from threats and also manage appropriate content.

Holy Ghost Prep alum Matthew Costello, an executive at Apple and Beats by Dr. Dre, will deliver the commencement address to the Class of 2018 on Saturday, June 2.
Thanks to Beth Bruno's ecology class, Holy Ghost Prep has been gifted two lovely planters with the school seal, a cleat cleaner, and a side table (pictured) made completely from the hockey team's broken sticks.

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