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Freshman Orientation
August,   2017
Re: Things to Know

QUESTIONS?   Contact Mr. Chapman at:  tchapman@holyghostprep.org


  1. School day starts at 8 AM.  Be on time for your first period class.  Attendance will be taken after the prayer.

  2. Usually once a week there will be an assembly in the Fieldhouse to start the day.  On those days attendance will be taken in the Fieldhouse.  You are to come to the Fieldhouse in school dress code, find your faculty attendance person and check in.  Proceed to the bleachers and sit down.

  3. If you are late coming into school, you must go to the main office for a late slip and sign in on the attendance sheet.  If you are late past 8:15, you should bring a note or your parents may be called to verify the late.

  4. Township bus lates are excused.

  5. Medical appointments may be excused but you MUST have a note from your PHYSICIAN - not your parent, it must come from the office of the PHYSICIAN.

  6. Lates other than buses and medical appointments are unexcused.

  7. You are permitted 6 unexcused lates per semester.  On the 7th late, you will be SUSPENDED from school for one day.  Follow-up lates will result in a detention for each late after 7.  If it reaches 14, there will be another suspension.  This is a semester policy.

  8. If you are ON CAMPUS and are late to class, you do NOT need a late slip.   EX - you mix up your schedule and are 3 minutes late going to 4th period - just go to the class and the teacher will decide whether or not to mark you late.

  9. If you are absent from school, a call is needed the morning of each absence from a parent to verify your absence.  When you return to school, please bring a note from a parent explaining the reason for the absence.  The note may be left in the main office or you may bring it to Mr. Chapman in his office.

  10. If your absence is not verified when you come back to school, it will force Mr. Chapman to make a phone call to your parent, which may infringe on class time - Be responsible.

  11. If you need to leave early for an appointment, a parent MUST come into the main office to sign you out.  NO ONE MAY LEAVE THE BUILDING FOR THE DAY WITHOUT SIGNING OUT !  If you are leaving with someone who is not your parent, a note is needed from both your parent AND the parent of the person with whom you are leaving.

  12. If you are going to be out of school for an extended time because of sickness,  a parent should contact the guidance office for classwork, assignments etc.

  13. If you are going to be out of school for an extended time for another reason (vacation, conference…) you need to get a class release form from Mr. Chapman that will need to be signed by all of your teachers.

  14. If you are going to be out of school for other reasons (sports event non HGP, medical apt., etc) - you need to get a class release form from  Mr. Chapman that will need to be signed by all of your teachers.

  15. Anyone who is involved in an after school activity and will be taking a township LATE bus - you must sign up for that bus in the main office by 8:30 AM.  This is to be done by ALL students taking the bus AND each day you will be taking the bus.  If you do not sign the bus list in the main office by 8:30 AM, there is no guarantee of taking that bus.

  16. Nurse slips will be distributed during the year.  The slips will be given to your first period teachers, who will give the slips to you.  Your appointment will be during a FREE period.  The nurse’s office is on the first floor of Cornwells Hall near the chapel.  Failure to attend this appointment will result in detention with Mr. Chapman.

  17. Dress code - you are expected to follow the dress code.  Violations of the dress code will result in a detention for each violation and excessive violations could result in SUSPENSION.

  18. Free Periods - there are no structured study halls.  If you are not listed for a class on your schedule, you are free.  We expect you to use this free time wisely.  You MUST stay on campus if free.  Do not be a disturbance or you will be assigned a set location for all of your free periods.

  19. Outside activities are allowed at break and somewhat at lunch.  At break there are NO classes so you may use the grounds to talk, play games (within reason) etc.  You must be groomed properly when returning to class.  At lunch, although YOU ARE FREE, half the school is in class.  Students creating disturbances during lunch or any other time of the day that affect classes will be assigned detentions with Mr. Chapman.

  20. ARAMARK cards - are to be used for copy machines, lunch purchase, and eventually may be used for attendance purposes.  If you forget your card you have  the option of paying $5 for the day OR having another student pay for your food and then repay that student.  If you LOSE your card, you must pay $10 for a new card.  Students who need replacement cards or new cards should report to the main office for the card.

  21. Lunch - there is a rotating cleanup process done by the students at lunch.  This is done alphabetically unless students are also assigned to lunch cleanup because of some discipline issues.  A list of the cleaners will be in the announcements on the first school day of the week and will also be posted on the bulletin boards outside the Dining Hall and behind the teachers’ table in the Dining Hall.

  22. Please pay attention to the AM announcements and make sure you fulfill your responsibilities to meet any teachers who may have called for you or any groups or teams which may be having meetings during the day.

  23. During the school day you are to be in the vicinity of  Cornwells Hall.  On any free periods you may NOT go to the gym parking lot area or any other areas not clearly visible from Cornwells Hall..  If you need to go to your vehicle during the school day, you need to get permission from an administrator.

  24. Food/Drink - NO food or drink above the basement floor.  Food and drink ARE allowed in the kitchen and dining hall areas and outside the building.  It is NOT allowed in the locker room or above the locker room floor level.  *  You MAY take food and drink through the locker room to go outside but you cannot stay in the locker room to eat/drink.

  25. Suspension - If you are suspended from classes, you may not make up any missed work.  Therefore, if you had a test, quiz, paper due etc on the day(s) you were suspended, you would receive a failing grade.  If you were asked to leave class at any time by a faculty member for discipline reasons, you could be suspended for the remainder of the day  and this would be considered an in-school suspension.

  26. Academic Integrity - cheating, plagiarism etc. is obviously NOT allowed.  Please read the Handbook on specifics.  If you are involved in an academic integrity issue, the list of restrictions would range from detention to probation/ suspension or possibly even expulsion.   STUDENTS NEED TO BE AWARE OF WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE AND WHAT IS NOT.  IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE.  IF YOU ARE UNSURE, THEN ASK YOUR TEACHER !!

  27. Use of devices - for academic purposes.  You are at risk if you use your device for non academic means.  Teachers will set their own rules in their classes as what is acceptable and what is not acceptable and students need to be aware of this.  Violation of this will result in disciplinary action.  If a device is taken from a student and given to Mr. Chapman, the device will be returned after 3 days with the first day being the day AFTER the device was taken.  This would include weekends !!

  28. Bullying - whether by physical, verbal, or TECH means WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  Students involved in this type of behavior will risk suspension and possible expulsion.

  29. Respect - treat each other with respect and treat the faculty AND STAFF with respect.  Foul language is not acceptable at Holy Ghost Prep and also will not be tolerated.

  30. When outside, ALL students need to be on the Route 95 side of the Gazebo area and the Route 95 side of the basketball courts.  NO students in the front of the school, or faculty parking areas unless given permission by a faculty member.

  31. Doors will be locked after classes begin - REMEMBER TO HAVE YOUR CARD !!

  32. Gym lower level door facing the parking lot will be open for students to put belongings in gym locker in the AM but will be locked after classes begin at 8 AM.

  33. Lockers - do not deface lockers !!  This is school property that you are using.  You will be charged a fee and serve detention time for any locker vandalism or misuse.  DO NOT give  your combination to ANYONE.  Any questions, see Mr. Chapman.

  34. If you are staying after school because of an after school activity - whether you are a participant in the activity or an observer - you may NOT leave the campus prior to the start of the activity and then return to campus.  EX - you may NOT go across the street to get some food and then return for a practice/game.  You must stay on campus !

  35. Students may NOT go to the fieldhouse prior to the conclusion of 10th period even if a student has a free 10th period.  Exceptions to this would be any teams or groups which may be leaving early for an event,  and are with a coach or moderator.

  36. Involve yourselves in the sense of COMMUNITY that has been built at Holy Ghost Prep.  Be a contributor not a detractor !!

Twelve members of HGP's Class of 2018, including these eight guys pictured, will continue their academic and athletic careers this fall.
Holy Ghost Prep's storied speech and debate program recently performed well on a pair of national stages. Brian Gabriele '18 (pictured) received special recognition as a four-time qualifier for NSDA Nationals.

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