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2022-2023 Executive Board

Click here to read the job description for each of the executive board officer positions and the Mothers' Guild bylaws.
Position Person
President Renee Evans
Senior Vice-President Amy Barone
Junior Vice-President Kate Braunstein
Treasurer Bethanne Olczak
Corresponding Secretary

Jessica Lippy

Lauren Stout

Recording Secretary Melissa Ramos
 Alumni Secretaries

Robin Ciocca

Angela Henn

Mothers' Guild Ambassador Program

If you are new to the Holy Ghost Prep community (incoming freshman or transfer student family) and have any questions on how to navigate your son's first year at HGP, please click here and fill out a form to let us know. A member of our Ambassador Program will subsequently reach out to assist. 

Freshman Class Reps

Lesley Cavallo

Christine Iannacone

Heather Gavaghan

Megan Riley


The Freshman Class will host the Alumni event in the Spring of 2022 (with help and guidance from the Executive Board members of the Mothers' Guild).

Sophomore Class Reps

Julia Bannon

Rosemarie Kimbrell-Farrell

Heidi Gardner

Melissa McCrane


The Sophomore Class will host the Junior Ring Mass in November. Details, registration, and volunteer information to follow.

Junior Class Reps

Dianna McDonough

Melissa Ramos

Andrea Schultz

Jennifer Volpe

Joanne Williams


The Junior Class will be hosting the Senior Mom celebration in May 2022. Details, registration, and volunteer information to follow. 

Senior Class Reps

Amy Barone

Georganne Lutz

Maureen McDermott

The Senior Class will host the Christmas dinner. Details, registration, and volunteer information to follow.

Alumni Class Reps

Robin Ciocca

Colleen DiMario

Angela Henn

Michelle Nipper