Important Dates

General Meetings
October 5
November 2
December 7
February 1
March 1
April 12
May 3

*There is no January meeting.

The Mothers’ Guild holds monthly meetings which begin with Mass in the chapel. The meetings are social, often highlighted by a special event or speaker.

Upcoming Calendar of Events

Mothers’ Tea and Freshman Mothers Welcome Sunday, September 20th
Junior Ring Mass TBD
Craft Show November 14th and 15th
Christmas Dinner Monday, December 7th
Mother/Son Night Saturday, March 6th
Alumni Mom Celebration Monday, April 12th
Senior Mom Celebration Monday, May 3rd

Please use these dates as a guide for our 2020-2021 school year. The Mothers' Guild is working closely with the HGP administration to ensure the safety of our community. All events listed will be evaluated for COVID-19 safety restrictions and if necessary, dates and procedures will be updated. We look forward to getting together as a community in One Heart and One Mind.